Captain Crimefighter
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Real Name Cindy Johnson
Background A little girl who dreams of becoming a crimefighter.
Trademark Features She is seen with ponytails in her hair. Wears a red cap, a yellow shirt with a big, blue "C" in front, purple pants, and red and white shoes. As Captain Crimefighter, she wears a helmet, long underwear, goggles, a cape, and a pair rollerskates.
Extra Specialty Has a serious dream of becoming a crimefighter despite her mother's objective opinion about it.
Significant Episode Appearances Only one: The Case of The Half-Pint Hero

Captain Crimefighter is one of the supporting characters of C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) animated series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character Profile[]

Captain Crimefighter is in fact Cindy Johnson who wishes to become a crimefighter when she grows up despite her mother's objections about it. She claims it's all childish, but that doesn't stop her from dreaming about it. She is seen in ponytails wearing a red cap, a shirt with a blue letter "C" on the front, purple pants, and red and white shoes. As Captain Crimefighter, Cindy is seen wearing a purple helmet with yellow lightning design in front of it, orange long underwear, blue goggles, red cape with a lightning design on the back, and a pair of roller skates.

Character Highlights[]

Captain Crimefighter is seen in only one episode.

The Case of The Half-Pint Hero[]

A major getaway from Highway and Hardtop was under way just after Turbo Tu-Tone and Rock Krusher robbed a bank of 2 bags of cash. The 2 crooks tries to escape from the C.O.P.S., but the getaway van blew a tire and the 2 crooks winds up crashing into a construction site. Nearby, after seeing the crooks trying to escape the C.O.P.S., a little girl named Cindy Johnson, who lives in an apartment next to the construction site with her mother, who thought her dreams of becoming a crimefighter was very childish at first, raced to her wardrobe and change herself into Captain Crimefighter and raced out to help the C.O.P.S. stop the crooks. She succeeds in bringing down Rock Krusher, who fell into the cement mixer after he slipped on some ball bearings she spilled over from a bucket with a help of her small boomerang. As Turbo tries to bury the C.O.P.S. in cement, Rock Krusher came out of the mixer covered in cement and landed on the C.O.P.S. and was placed under arrest by them. Turbo escapes and headed back to Big Boss' penthouse where he saw on the news Whitney Morgan interviewing Cindy as Captain Crimefighter at the 647 Precinct.

Then, Turbo along with Ms. Demeanor returned to the area to ransack the apartment house in an effort to find the missing loot. The C.O.P.S., alerted to the scene, arrived and sneaked into the apartment. No one is there. Evidently, the 2 crooks who ransacked the apartment took off to escape just before the C.O.P.S. arrived at the apartment building. Unfortunately, Cindy's mother is also not there as well. Cindy began to cry, assuming that the crooks have kidnapped her mother and did something terrible to her. But then, Cindy's mother arrived with a sack of groceries in her arms. Cindy is glad to see her mother, who is disturbed by what happened. Nevertheless, she is glad to see that Cindy is all right. As Bulletproof explain to her exactly what had happened, Ms. Demeanor and Turbo, who were spying on them, started making plans to kidnap Cindy and use her to find out where Krusher hid the stolen loot at. As the C.O.P.S. leave, Bulletproof gave Cindy a special homing device that would come in handy later on if she encounters the crooks once again.

As the C.O.P.S. leave Hardtop asks Bulletproof if he can stay around Cindy's apartment to provide additional security to the area. Bulletproof granted his request and drove off back to the precinct while Hardtop stayed to keep an eye on the surrounding area. He wasn't there for long. Turbo was there and lured Hardtop away from the area, giving Ms. Demeanor a chance to sneak in and try to kidnap Cindy. Ms. Demeanor climbed up the fire escape to Cindy's apartment and waited until her mother leaves the room before she came in and kidnap Cindy. As she took Cindy away, Cindy took her Captain Crimefighter helmet with the tracking device inside with her and lead Ms. Demeanor to where she saw Rock Krusher hid the loot at. As Ms Demeanor took the loot from the box, Cindy turned on her homing device. The C.O.P.S. instantly respond, racing all the way to the construction site to arrest Ms Demeanor and rescue Cindy along the way. Cindy however was able to escape as Ms. Demeanor pushed the elevator button to go up and Cindy stepped down just as the elevator began to go up with Ms. Demeanor inside. Ms. Demeanor tried to escape the C.O.P.S. at the top of the construction site, but she was caught by Sundown, who used a crane to catch her and suspend her in midair right in front of Bulletproof. Ms. Demeanor gave up from there. Then, as Ms. Demeanor is being hauled up into the paddywagon to be taken away, Cindy gave a reprimanded speech to Ms. Demeanor, telling her straight that stealing is wrong. Ms Demeanor, fuming over Cindy's speech, is then brought into the paddy wagon and hauled away afterwards. Bulletproof tells her what a great speech she had made, which prompted Cindy's mother to reconsider her opinion on what Cindy dreams about and agrees to let her become a crimefighter after all when she grows up - much to Cindy's joy and delight.