Cadavre Exquis première édition is a 2006 Canadian French language film. The film is a collective project based on the principle of the Exquisite corpse parlour game. The original screen play was written by Adrien Lorion, David Étienne and Michel Laroche and eleven directors participated in the making of the film, each of them making their debut.


Roxy, a glam-rock star past his prime who has just made a pact with the Devil, goes through much emotional gear shifting when a dozen different writers and directors take control of his destiny and rewrite his life story as they see fit. In his predestined life, Roxy meets a vide variety of colourful characters: women he once loved but has trouble recognizing today; a crooked dealer who keeps leading him astray; a drag queen on the rebound; a failed playwright; a woman barkeep who's interested in Roxy; and, of course, Mephistopheles in all his disguises.

Film Crew[]

  • Title: Cadavre Exquis première édition
  • From an Original Idea by: Adrien Lorion, David Étienne and Michel Laroche
  • Characters: Jean-François Gros d'Aillon
  • Directors: Virginie Brault, Jean-Félix Maynard, Brian Desgagné, Martin Bourgault, Francis Lussier, Philippe Melançon, Jean-François Gros d'Aillon, Diane Gagnon, Stéphan Doe, Michel Lauzon, Antonin Monmart and Florian Cossen
  • Production: Communications Rivage
  • Executive Producer: Diane Gagnon
  • Design and art director: Adrien Lorion
  • Direction of Photography: Pierre Tremblay, Marc Warden, Alexandre Buissière, Antonin Monmart, Virginie Brault, Jean-Félix Maynard and Brian Desgagné
  • Production Assistant: Louis Giroux, Jacob Groulx and Nadia Larouche
  • Soundman: David Etienne, Bruno Beauregard, Louis Léger, Marc Warden and Félix Boisvert
  • Opening titles: François Cliche
  • Special effects: Msfx Studio and Silvain Ledoux
  • Colorist: Sylvie-Marie Fortier
  • Compositing: Dominic Dauphin
  • Make-up: Emilie Fournier
  • Electric/machinist: Vincent Bédard, Dominic Prévost, David Fafard and Audray Lapointe
  • Film editing: Virginie Brault, Diane Gagnon, Francis Macerola, Martin Bourgault, Stéphan Doe, Michel Lauzon and Antonin Monmart
  • Final cut: Flik Studio
  • Electros/machinos: Vincent Bédard, Dominic Prévost, David Fafard and Audray Lapointe
  • Original Music: Jocelyn Leblanc
  • Music: David Étienne, Annie Dufresne, Dédé Traké, Jean-François Fortier, Kaliroots, Antoine Gratton, Alain Simard, Nancy Dumais, Jonathan Painchaud
  • Narrative voice: Roger Tabra
  • Promotion: Daniel Bibeau
  • Press contact: Sandra Paré
  • Style: Drama
  • Language: french
  • Runtime: 76 min
  • Released: From Québec August 24, 2006


  • Alexis Bélec : Roxy
  • Annie Dufresne : Jeanne De Cactus
  • Sabine Karsenti : Maya
  • Pierre-Antoine Lasnier : The dealer
  • Jean-Guy Bouchard : Mephisto
  • Bénédicte Decary : Mephisto
  • Marc-François Blondin: Pete Paquette
  • Pierre Verville : Mephisto
  • Luc Provost : Mado Lamotte
  • Patricia Tulasne : Martine
  • Pierre Rivard : The Barmen, Ned
  • Zoé Letendre - Jessica
  • Jacques Bassal - The Barmen
  • Denis Melançon - Dr Denis Martin
  • Karim Benzaid - The salesman
  • Martin Bourgault - Interviewer
  • Yano Rock - Yan Hamel
  • David Etienne - David Gariépy
  • Bruno Beauregard - The guitarist
  • Antoine Gratton - The drummer
  • Normand Boivin - The showman
  • Yann Perreau - Yann Perreau
  • Pierre-Michel Le Breton - The eater
  • Mathieu Samson - Elvis imitator
  • Sophie Galarneau - Sophie Bérubé
  • Henri Mercier - Henri Tremblay-Bérubé
  • Francis Lussier - Francis Tremblay
  • Rénald Joyal - Rénald Bérubé
  • Rachel Chavannes - Rachel Henri
  • Guy Martel - The Lover
  • Jacinthe Pilote - The attacker
  • Jacob Groulx - The Accomplice
  • Guillaume Baillargeon - The Saver
  • Jean-Francois Galipeau The Waiter
  • Maude Payette - The Retro Woman
  • Jean-François Gros d'Aillon - The Drinker
  • Nadia Larouche - The Waitress
  • Momo - Clodo
  • Valérie Laroche - Woman 1
  • Virginie Brault - Woman 2

Original Soundtrack[]

  • David-Étienne/Serge Billon Galland : Les cons qui s'adorent
  • Annie Dufresne : La Diva
  • Dédé Traké: Tous les jours est un combat
  • Jean-François Fortier: Sur le Boulevard
  • Kaliroots : Y faut pas chercher à comprendre
  • Antoine Gratton : En amour
  • Alain Simard: Si in Love with you
  • Nancy Dumais : Rock Star
  • Jonathan Painchaud : Héros
  • OVMF : Crystalis

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