Burn time is a term used most often in first-person shooter video games. The term refers to damage incurred by a player being attacked by a flame weapon for a few moments after the weapon has ceased firing. Burn time is most commonly associated with weapons that utilize fire such as a molotov cocktail or a flamethrower, but can also occur with laser or chemical weapons. This differs from normal firearm damage in video games as bullets cause a set amount of damage per shot. Burn time causes additional damage per shot even when the weapon is no longer firing. Burn time damage is often significantly less than the initial damage incurred when the weapon was actively being used.


In the game Command & Conquer: Renegade, if a player is shot by a flamethrower, laser or Tiberium based weapon there will be an initial amount of damage incurred, but also secondary damage that occurs due to "being on fire" for a few moments after the attack has ceased.

In the game Grand Theft Auto IV you can be set alight by enemies throwing Molotov Cocktails. Although the initial explosion causes minimal damage, the lingering effect can gradually reduce the player's health to the point of death, even if their health was initially full. Given the more modern game mechanics however, you can extinguish the fire by jumping in the water or knocking over a fire hydrant.