The Buoyant Armigers are a fictional group from Bethesda Softwork's Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. They are a group of Tribunal serving guards, whose base of operation is the Ghostgate and seem to follow and serve Imperial Law in this setting. They are guards of pilgrims as well as warriors that help keep the blighted creatures from invading Vvardenfell. Glass armor seems to be the unofficial armor of the Buoyant Armigers.

The Buoyant Armigers came into being after Vivec heard of three lesser houses spreading "doubtful doctrine" from a place known as Horde Mountain, a mountain made of many warriors. In response, he cast the creatures that made up Horde Mountain's bones to the heavens so that they made Vivec, the city. The ones who cheered at Vivec's coming, the Velothi, became the Buoyant Armigers, and the three houses were married under Vivec's merriment to form one great one [1]

The Buoyant Armigers Grand Marshall is Galdal Omayn, and all Armigers as well as most militaristic factions of the Tribunal Temple seem to at least respect, if not function as members of House Redoran. [2]

When asked about their trade, a Buoyant Armiger will respond as such:

"I am a Buoyant Armiger, a member of a small military order of the Tribunal Temple, exclusively dedicated to and answering to Lord Vivec. We pattern ourselves on Lord Vivec's heroic spirit of exploration and adventure, and emulate his mastery of the varied arts of personal combat, chivalric courtesy, and subtle verse. We serve the Temple as champions and knights-errant, and are friendly rivals of the more solemn Ordinators in our dedicated service to Lord Vivec and the Temple."

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