Brot Monroe
All My Children
Portrayed by J.R. Martinez (2008-Present)
First appearance November 7th, 2008
Created by Charles Pratt, Jr.
Gender Male
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Brot Monroe is a fictional character on ABC's daytime drama All My Children. He has been portrayed by J.R. Martinez since November 7th, 2008.


Character History[]

Tad Martin went to a VA hospital to seek out a person of interest who had hired him to investigate Taylor Thompson, an Army lieutenant who was making her home in Pine Valley. Upon arriving at the hospital, he encountered a severely burned patient, who admitted to being the one who hired Tad. However, he refused to divulge his name. Tad informed the mysterious patient of Taylor's accident at the hospital following the tornadoes, correcting the man's previous assumption that Taylor was alright. Calling himself "Sweeney", he informed Tad that he could never tell Taylor they met - ever. Later on, "Sweeney" calls Taylor at the hospital, but hangs up after hearing her laugh with Dr. Jake Martin. After speaking to Frankie Hubbard, Tad is told by a clearly stunned Frankie that the man who Tad met was not named Sweeney - he was Taylor's "dead" fiancee, Brot Monroe.

After a few attempts at contacting Taylor, Brot is able to get Taylor's room number at the hospital and skulks around the hospital, ending up in storage closet where shelving falls on him. Luckily, Colby Chandler finds him, but he asks her not to call for help. Despite clearly having injured his arm, Brot persists and refuses to allow Colby to call for a doctor, so she goes to grab a first aid kit to help him. It is then that she discovers how horribly burned he is.

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