Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor
First appearance "Esteemsters" (1997)
Last appearance Is It College Yet? (2002)
Created by Glenn Eichler
Portrayed by Janie Mertz (voice)[1]
Alias N/A
Gender Female
Occupation freshman at Great Prairie State University
Family Steve Taylor (farther)
Vivian Taylor (mother)
Ashley-Amber Taylor (stepmother)
Brian Taylor (brother)

Brittany Taylor is a fictional character on the MTV cartoon show Daria and its related book.[2] She attends Lawndale High School, where she is the head cheerleader and girlfriend of Kevin Thompson.


The quintessential dumb blonde described by Chicago Sun Times as an a "dimwit",[3] Brittany believes that a good cheer can solve pretty much anything. She is good at twirling her hair around her finger and looking vacant. She once invited Daria to a party because Daria helped her in art class. She also once displayed an uncanny knack for military tactics in the episode "Daria Hunter," surprising many of the characters with her plan to win a paintball match.

Brittany likes romance novels (#208 'Gifted') and shops at Cashmans, a store where all the popular girls in the series shop. Her motto is "Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. I just did my hair!"

At the end of the series Brittany graduates from Lawndale High and is accepted into the freshman class at Great Prairie State University. She is still seeing Kevin, although it is hinted that she may break up with him, as he is held back at Lawndale High.

Brittany's appearance was modeled after MTV personality Jenny McCarthy.


Brittany's relationship with Kevin, though long-standing, is often turbulent. They seem to break up quite frequently, for a variety of reasons, including giving her a football for her birthday or thinking her goldfish needed air. In Episode #304 ('Daria Dance Party') when Brittany breaks up with Kevin calling out "And this time, I mean it!". While they are together they're either very loving, calling each other 'babe', or constantly bickering. Kevin's mother doesn't like Brittany.


Her father is Steve Taylor and her mother is named Vivian, although she never appeared in the series. Brian Taylor is Brittany's tear-away younger brother, who enjoys stealing his sister's pompoms and torturing mice. Their father appears to favor Brittany considerably over his rude and often misbehaving son; this possible favoritism seems to take place mostly in attitude towards his daughter, whom he dotes on, while his son seems only to agitate him. There is some evidence to suggest he also tends to give her material possessions and monetary blessings of greater worth or quality with a free and easy going attitude, while he appears usually grudging or stingy towards his son's demands, though they may be rude and ungrateful. Brittany honestly does not seem to notice this apparent favoritism on the part of her father. Brittany is very fond of her stepmother, Ashley-Amber, who both looks and acts very similar to Brittany and was once the poster girl for 'St. Peter Girl Beer'; Daria once mistook her as Brittany's sister.


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