First appearance Alien
Created by Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett
Portrayed by Harry Den Stanton
Species Human
Gender Male
Title Engineering Technician

Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) is an engineering technician on board the Nostromo and a good friend of his engineering chief, Parker. As a 'regular working Joe', he persistently angles for the increased pay and bonus awards he feels are due. He is the first to encounter the fully grown Alien while searching for Jones the cat and the second victim after it injects its inner jaw into his head. He is then dragged into an air duct. In a deleted scene - restored in the 2003 Director's Cut - Ripley and Parker barely see him get carried into the air duct before he is dragged away. His death left Parker clearly distressed. Also in the 2003 Director's Cut, Ripley enters a storage room which the Alien has transformed into its lair. There she finds Dallas and Brett, the first 2 victims of the Alien aboard the Nostromo (and whose bodies had not been found). Dallas begs Ripley to kill him, as he is mutating into an Alien egg. Brett, at a later stage of this metamorphosis, has been almost completely transformed into an Alien egg.