Bradley "Brad" Armstrong is a fictional character in the soap opera Home and Away, portrayed since mid-2006 by actor Chris Sadrinna.


Despite his family's assumption that he would become a prominent surgeon like his father, Brad yearned for something different, and instead opted to pursue a career in teaching. His strong will and determination were admired by his sister, Rachel (Amy Mathews), who was envious that Brad was able to do what he wanted. Rachel is Summer Bay's most prominent psychiatrist and general practitioner.

In 2006, Brad's wife, Emily (Libby Richmond), died of leukemia shortly after they married. Shortly after Emily's passing, Brad fell in love with widow Sally Fletcher (Kate Ritchie). Brad supported Sally following her stabbing by Rocco Cooper. Before Sally's stabbing, Brad was taunted by gang leader Johnny Cooper (Callan Mulvey).

While being interviewed by the Education Department for the Naomi Preston and Lucas Holden sexual encounter. It was found out in his past he'd had dealings with dope. According to Brad it was for his late wife Emily to help her ease the pain from cancer. He was demoted from his position, and was only allowed to continue teaching. He was passed over by Sally for a Deputy Principal position, in favour of Donald Fisher.

He was engaged to Sally for a period of time, however on their wedding day, she left him at the alter. She stated that her reason was that she could not commit to another marriage. He has since moved out of Summer Bay house and has also tendered his resignation with his teaching position at the school. He is also refusing to talk to Sally, who has attempted to rekindle their relationship.

It was recently revealed that Brad and Rachel's father had a relationship with a woman, 15 years prior. The relationship produced a child, which has been revealed as Tamsyn Armstrong. She is their half-sister, and is staying with them while her mother is in a recovery treatment facility.

Sally and Brad have recently kissed passionately while at Pippa's home coming party, but they decided to stay friends.

Brad got a good job in Tasmania. He decided then to move to Tasmania with Tam and Heather.

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