Boyz in the Sink
Origin VeggieTales
Genres Being serious
Years active 2003–2007
(no songs as of 2007)
Labels Bob and Larry Records
Members Larry the Cucumber
Junior Asparagus
Jimmy Gourd
Mr. Lunt

Boyz in the Sink is a band formed for VeggieTales on "The Ballad of Little Joe" in August 2003. Their hit "Belly Button" is about Larry, Juinor, Jimmy and Lunt wanting to become more serious in their Silly Songs with Larry sequence.

The band's only album, Boyz in the Sink, was released in 2006. It features some of the band's hits, including Belly Button, the band's 2003 single.

The CD includes:

1. Boyz in the Sink

2.Bigger Than The Bogeyman

3. The B-O-Y-Z Dance (featuring Kirk Franklin as himself)

4. Belly Button (featuring Kirk Franklin as himself)

5. The Hairbrush Song (Guest starring Apollo Gourd)

6. Do the Moo Shoo. (Guest starring Apollo Gourd)

7. My Day.

8. The Funky Polka

9. Cheeseburger

10. Oh No! What We Gonna Do?

11. I Can Be your Friend.

Some of the songs are original, like Boyz in the Sink, B-O-Y-Z Dance, and Funky Polka, but some are remixed from other Veggietales episodes, like The Hairbrush Song, Belly Button, Do The Moo Shoo, Oh No! What we Gonna Do?, and I Can Be your Friend.

"CheeseBurger" may possibly be based on Love Songs with Mr. Lunt's Silly Song, "His Cheesebuger" or it may be an original Boyz in the Sink song.


As of 2007, no albums/educational songs have been released. Possibly, the band is inactive since 2007.