Old Bokusen'on

Bokusen'on ("grandfather wizard nettle tree") is a tree-yōkai from the manga and anime series InuYasha. He is revealed to be 2,000-year-old nettle tree (Magnolia tree in the English anime). It was he who revealed the truth about InuYasha's transformation to Sesshomaru. He was close friend of Inu no Taishou, and obviously a very powerful one since his branches alone were strong enough to craft the powerful sheaths of Tessaiga and Tenseiga. He was seen in a flashback on the third movie when Myōga asks Tōtōsai if he has personally given Tenseiga to Sesshomaru but Tōtōsai says he wanted to live a long life and hung Tenseiga on Bokusen'on's branch.