Bitter Dino is a slang term created and used by the Dragonlance fandom. The concept behind the term is based on the idea that the longer a fan remains a part of the fandom, not only does he or she garner a massive amount of knowledge about the subject but also the more jaded he or she becomes, not only of the source of his or her interest but of other newer members in the fan community as well. Bitter Dino is technically a derogatory term, inferring that the person has spent so much time as a fan that he or she has grown overly cynical in ongoing community discussion. While this may be the case, some fans (especially those belonging to the newsgroup AFDL or Alt.Fan.Dragonlance and the members of the DLML or Dragonlance Mailing List) look upon the term as an indication of higher status or as a symbol that reflects upon their years of contribution in the fan community.


Bitter Dino is derived from various slang terms used by the Dragonlance fandom to describe a fan's age, and history of involvement within the online community. In response to the term newbie, newcomers to the online community refer veteran fans as Dinosaurs or Dinos for short. As the Dino becomes cynical, the Bitter prefix is added to the title.


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