Original art depicting
Bioforce from the Omni book series
by Benjamin Soto
Publication information
Publisher Rejection Press
First appearance Omni - History Begins
(January 2009).
Created by Joe Graham
In-story information
Alter ego Johanna Faith Albrecht
Team affiliations 1st Team
Tokyo Team
London Team
"Original" Team of Six
New York Team
Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability, agility, and intelligence
Shapeshifting, Bio-manipulation, Bio-scan, Bio-sensing, Heal self/others

Bioforce is a main fictional character and superhero in Joe Graham's Omni series. She is currently the healer of 1st team at the Alpha Academy. Her first appearance is in ‘Omni – History Begins.’ Her secret identity is Johanna “Hanna” Albrecht and is a German citizen, raised in Berlin.

Fictional biography[]


Bioforce is the granddaughter of Dr DeKlute, the Dean and Head Administrator of Alpha Academy. Dr DeKlute was also the superhero known as ‘Mercy.’ Mercy was the healer chosen for OMNI’s First Team of Six. Bioforce’s mother, Dr Albrecht (medical doctor), chose not to become a superhero, but live a mundane life. Bioforce’s father is a shapeshifter and the head zoologist at Berlin zoological garden.


Bioforce has a close relationship with both parents, especially her father. Her life in higher education was already mapped out as a pre-teen, before the invitation to attend Alpha. Bioforce had no knowledge of her Grandmother’s secret identity or her part in the Coalition's War.


At Alpha, Bioforce was selected to be the healer for 1st team. Under the tutelage of her academic instructor, coupled with superhuman intelligence, Bioforce’s knowledge is growing by leaps and bounds.

Even though she has not been raised as a superhero’s child nor expected to attend Alpha, Bioforce is adapting quickly to the changes around her. Her initial difficulties with superhero style combat and the fast pace have taken a toll on her more than once.


Bioforce is the healer of 1st team, the 4th team trained by coach Connors and the 10th class to be trained at Alpha Academy. As is with every team, she has five other teammates, each having their own positions. 1st team is organized as follows.


Bioforce is a white female 13 years of age of German decent. She stands 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weights about 95 pounds. Bioforce is still a young girl developing into a young lady. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. It has been noted that she is free of imperfections and quite beautiful. At Alpha she participates in regular strenuous exercise and stays fit.


Bioforce’s costume colors are a gold base with pink secondary. The costume is made of a special overlapped reactive nano mail that can stretch and return to its original shape. Bioforce wears no hard plates in her costume and wears it somewhat loose. The costume is able to read changes in Bioforce’s skin color andmimic the changes.

A thin backpack integrates neatly into her costume and serves multiple functions. As a healer she carries certain medical instruments and equipment, the bare necessities are in her pack. Equipment that a member of 1st team would normally carry on a belt or in pockets is stored in her pack. On the top of her back pack is her hood that can pull over and seal to her costume, which then stiffens into a helmet. Under the pack are two slots that allow her to shift out large white wings.

On each of her thighs, holsters are integrated into her costume. In each holster is a slim Ngun. The Nguns are a smaller but no less potent version of the Kgun, Kinetic energy weapon.

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Bioforce has the ability to shape shift her size, function, density, and color at will. This power has been demonstrated as her becoming a fawn, a hawk, growing cat nails, impersonating someone else, a giant monster, or sprouting angelic wings for flight. Her ability is also special in that she can change others as well. By touch she can make someone taller or change their hair color. Her teammates have often used her services as a hair stylist, with instant results. It is not known if shifting others is permanent. Bioforce herself stated that changing someone who heals fast is only temporary.

The ability to heal others is her main rare gift. Bioforce can, by touch, cause someone to regenerate instantly from almost any wound. This has been demonstrated on many occasions, although healing someone with great invulnerability has proven difficult. Bioforce’s ability to heal is so far beyond her peers that she has been able to bring the newly dead, only a few seconds, back to life.

Physically Bioforce is superior to a regular human in every way, although not as combat sturdy as some of her fellow Alphas. Bioforce has demonstrated a maximum lift of just over 3 tons in her normal form. She has been able to greatly increase this by increasing her size and density. Bioforce enjoys superhuman endurance and agility. Her speed has been measured at up to 8 times that of a normal person her age. Bioforce has shown a superhuman durability that outshines the rest of her physical traits.

On touch, Bioforce can ‘scan’ someone and understand the person she is touching. That understanding pertains to age, powers, physical health, and exhaustion levels. It’s not known what else the scan can do. Bioforce has the ability to sense life or life force all around her and outward in one direction when concentrating.

Combat Style[]

Bioforce has used her shifting power and physical prowess in superhuman combat with mixed results. As healer, she was targeted in team matches at Alpha. Her main function in the team is not that of combatant, but of a support role. With the help of Shi, 1st team stealth, a new combat tactic for Bioforce was developed. On the initial signs of combat, Bioforce sprouts wings and takes to the air. She has been specially trained to fire her powerful custom Nguns ambidextrously while in flight. From a distance Bioforce is an asset in a fight, where she can keep an eye out for wounded teammates.


Graham, Joe (January 2009), Omni-History Begins, Omni, Grand Blanc, Michigan: Rejection Press, ISBN 9780615228846 

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