Big Top is a character from Marvel Comics's Transformers comic.

Generation 1[]

Big Top
Transformers character
Affiliation N/A
Alternate modes None
Series Transformers: Generation 1

Big Top's only appearance was in issue #44: The Cosmic Carnival. He is a gigantic, green slug-like slimy being with eyes on eyestalks and two tentacles for arms. He is also constantly smoking a cigar. What race Big Top is has never been mentioned.

Big Top is egoistic and greedy and has no morals or ethics to speak of. He runs a Cosmic Carnival onboard a gigantic, snake-like spaceship, with many different and exotic artists and exhibits, many of which are banned on several planets. He originally captured Berko from Earth and made him an exhibit, but during the years, Berko earned Big Top's recognition and became a trustee.

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee met Big Top when their ships intercepted each other. The Autobots decided to pay a visit, and learned that Big Top was keeping Sky Lynx and four human children (three boys and a girl) hostage as exhibits, because they could not afford their entrance fee. The Autobots convinced Berko to join their cause, and together they were able to free Sky Lynx and the children, and imprison Big Top as an exhibit in his own carnival ship.