"Big Time Love Song"
Big Time Rush episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Written by Scott Fellows
Directed by Jon Rosenbaum
Guest stars *Katelyn Tarver as Jo
  • Tiana Madry and Tiera Madry as the Simms Twins
  • Stephen Keys as Freight Train
  • Lorenzo Lamas as Dr. Hollywood
  • Rachel DiPillo as the other new girl
Production no. 104
Original airdate February 5, 2010
Episode chronology
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"Big Time Bad Boy" "Big Time Mansion"

Big Time Love Song is the fourth episode of the first season of Big Time Rush. It originally aired on Nickelodeon on Friday February 5, 2010 as the series fourth episode.


The guys chase the same girl named Jo, causing the band to fight. James gets an allergic reaction to a body spray and Kelly attempts to make him get an allergy shot. Gustavo gets a new personal helper named Freight Train. Katie has to write a report on her biggest hero and writes about Gustavo so she doesn't have to read anything. Griffin wants a slow love song for the next song, but Gustavo can't seem to figure out how to make the song work, but after hearing the boys sing it to the same girl quickly, he discovers it should be a fast love song, not a slow one, and Griffin liked it, but Griffin still wants a slow love song with the word "baby" in it. Afterward, the guys agree to never fight over a girl again, but then the guys meet another new girl and tackle each other over her.


This is the first appearance of Jo (played by Katelyn Tarver) and Freight Train (played by Stephen Keys). There is a reference to the show's creator, Scott Fellows, when one looks closely at the paper Jo is holding, it says his name under "Magic Middle School".

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