"Big Time Audition"
Big Time Rush episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode (Pilot TV Movie)
Written by Scott Fellows
Directed by Savage Steve Holland
Production no. BTR035
Original airdate November 28, 2009
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"Big Time School of Rocque"
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"Big Time Audition" is the first episode of the first season of Big Time Rush. It originally aired on Nickelodeon as a Special Sneak Preview Of the Hit TV Series on November 28, 2009.


Four hockey players from Minnesota (James Diamond, Kendall Knight, Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell) have just soaked the girls' hockey team and got beat up by them. At Kendall's house, we learn that James is an amazing singer and that he wants to become famous. The boys then find out that a big time record producer (Gustavo Rocque) is currently holding auditions and the deadline for tryouts expires within the hour. Desperate to get James to the tryouts, they make a phone call to their respective mothers, looking for a ride. None of their mothers answer. They finally strike a deal with their lady neighbor for a ride to the tryouts with a trade for shoveling snow for her for the rest of the winter. When they arrive, the boys soon discover that the producer Gustavo who is judging for the talent search is cliche, mean, and sends out hopeful after hopeful, often in tears. Some, kicking and screaming. When James performs, the producer dismisses him regardless of his singing ability, stating he "has no fire". James's friends become enraged and Kendall decides to vent his frustrations by jumping up on the judging table and singing a mockingly harsh tune about the many ways the producer resembles a "turd". This event eventually leads the producer to decide he wants to sign Kendall as his next big artist because he "sees the fire". Kendall refuses to go unless they are all four taken as a group, so Gustavo finally gives in. The third act of the episode is driven by the efforts of the production company to mold the four friends into the next big boy band. One of the more amusing sight gags occurs here as the four friends are met by the "Jennifers" in their "slow walk" intro. Their hair blowing cliche style is caused by the large fan that is pointed at them by a child actor (Tyler) who does juice box commercials but wants to be a normal kid and is mostly seen running away from his mother. He then gets paid for his service. Things aren't going as well as they expected, and at one point the boys anger Gustavo so much that he fires them. James gets enraged at the others for blowing his only chance to become famous. The episode ends when the four friends finally realize that they only really like to sing when they all sing together. They get serious about their efforts, come together and convince Gustavo to give them one more chance. The boys finally impress the record executives that have given the producer the deadline to find talent. The executives give them a three month extension to record and truly show themselves as the next big boy band, and give James his chance to become famous.


Taped in early 2009, in Minnesota and Hollywood.

Songs Featured[]

  • "Big Time Rush"
  • "Famous"
  • "The City is Ours"


  • This episode was shown on November 28, 2009 as a sneak peek and special preview for the series.
  • This episode was featured on the iCarly DVD, "iFight Shelby Marx".

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