Two and a Half Men character
First appearance ""If I Can't Write My Chocolate Song, I'm Going to Take a Nap""
Created by Chuck Lorre
Portrayed by Conchata Ferrell
Gender Female
Occupation Maid
Family Daisy(sister)
Children Naomi (daughter)
Cheryl Ann (daughter)
Relatives Prudence (granddaughter, via Cheryl Ann)
Eral (brother in law)
Brittany Pam (grandaugter, via Naomi)
Religion Christian
Nationality American

Berta is a fictional character from the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. The housekeeper or maid of lead characters Charlie Harper and Alan Harper, she is played by actress Conchata Ferrell, and was created by Chuck Lorre. Ferrell received 2005 and 2007 Emmy Award nominations for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.


First as a recurring character in the series, she is very sarcastic and normally fights with Alan, Charlie, Jake, Rose, Judith or any one. She quit once because Alan was asking for things to be cleaned differently, it is shown in that episode that she also worked for Steven Tyler of the band Aerosmith. She also quit when she discovered Charlie almost having sex with a horrible woman and came back after Charlie decided to go to a sex-addicts class. Her nickname for Alan is "Zippy". Berta has a sister named Daisy who worships a Greek or amazonian goddess. Daisy is very similar to Berta, just not as hard working. She has a granddaughter called Prudence (Megan Fox), who is a sexy, smoking, irresponsible teenager whose mother sells bootleg Metallica t-shirts at Monster truck Rallies. Prudence almost got married in Las Vegas but beforehand stopped to see if she and her fiancé could sleep in Charlie's house, and were stopped by Berta and Cheryl Ann. She also has a daughter called Naomi (Sara Rue) who was her "shining star" but got pregnant by a married man named Ronald Wiedermeier. Her daughter once dated Alan.

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