Belwar Dissengulp is a svirfneblin of Blingdenstone, and a creation of R.A. Salvatore in the popular "Forgotten Realms" book series. Belwar was with a mining party near Menzoberranzan when a drow patrol, led by Dinin and Drizzt Do'Urden, attacked. Every svirfnebli was killed, except for Belwar, who was allowed to live and return to Bligdenstone through Drizzt's mercy, though Dinin, Drizzt's brother, had Belwar's hands cut off. He now bears an enchanted weapon on each stump, one a pickaxe and one a hammer. These weapons bear a command word of "Biv-Rip", which allow him to cast several spells; such as to determine the thickness of stone or cause the weapons to buzz in order to mine. Belwar is known in the city of Blingdenstone as the "Most Honorable Burrow Warden".

Belwar later becomes good friends with Drizzt, who comes to Bligdenstone after living in the Underdark for many years. Belwar, who has fallen into solitude after the loss of his hands, is eventually coaxed into leaving his secluded life in light of new adventures.

In R.A. Salvatore's book "Exile", Belwar and his partner Drizzt go on an adventure through the perilous Underdark. During their journey they meet a strange creature known as Clacker, a pech turned hook horror by an evil wizard. Eventually, Clacker was slain by the Spirit-wraith that was Zaknafein, and, in death, reverted back to its pech form.

Belwar returns again in the "Legacy of the Drow" series of books, aiding Mithral Hall in their fight against the Dark Elves by destroying several scouting parties as they pass Blingdenstone. He later convinces the citizens of Blingdenstone to head to the surface, aiding the hall further. At the end of the books he is seen safely departing back to his home city.

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