Bearcatbird (of U.S. realm Haomarush) is a character of the game World of Warcraft.


Bearcatbird or more comonly known as "Bear" or "Bearcat"[1] was one of the very first inhabitants of Haomarush. Though after the realease of the games second expansion World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Bearcat set a Haomarush record by creating the single longest "Goodbye" thread in the servers history. Which was deleted because the name of the thread violated WoW's terms of use. Although Bearcat quit immediately after the threads completion he came back shortly after and continued to play for a few more months. Bearcat has now been inactive for some time and is thought to have transfered or quit[2].


Bearcatbird, in several cases, was thought to be one of the best Feral Druids on the server.[3][4]. Known mostly to sit in the Durotar outside of Orgrimmar and duel he decided to form a guild thought to be completely for himself called "Duro Duelists Inc".[5]. Before Bearcat quit the game for the first time he/she passed the guild to another character. Bearcat also posted frequently on the Haomarush forums.[6].

Alternate Characters[]

After the release of the Wrath of The Lich King expansion, Bearcat made an Undead Deathknight named Bearcatdeath (Later named to Iambearclaw[7]) which he/she leveled to 80 and played almost exclusively throughout the remaining time he/she played, leaving his/her druid at level 72. Bearcatbank was another character he/she created, this account held a guild with a hefty guild bank that was more than likely used for extra storage.