In the Power Rangers series of television shows, the Battlizer is a special armored enhancement given to some of the Power Rangers. Battlizers have been made exclusively for the Red Rangers of the series, although within the Power Rangers continuity a different kind of armor has been made for other Rangers. These armors, however, are known as Mega Battles, to further reinforce the notion that Battlizers are meant for Red Rangers. Battlizers are not the only enhancements to Power Rangers given through the course of each Power Rangers series, and are not the only equipment that is given to specific Rangers. From Power Rangers: S.P.D. onwards, each Red Ranger's Battlizer has been merely a repainted red version of the sixth (or seventh in the case of S.P.D.) Ranger's morpher.


The introduction of the Battlizer is an annual tradition in Power Rangers, having started in Power Rangers in Space, as a device that allowed the Rangers to control the Delta Megazord. They are typically obtained in episodes specifically dedicated to its introduction, and are often used to defeat the episode's villain. However, Battlizers are shown sporadically in later episodes, as the Battlizers used in Power Rangers were specifically introduced for the adaptation and are not holdovers from Super Sentai. This has caused some to criticize Battlizers as unnecessary and spurious, created only to boost merchandising sales -- in one extreme case, a Battlizer was made obsolete by the introduction of a sentai-derived team power-up a mere two episodes later. The concept of the Battlizer, however, remains based on Super Sentai -- The Battle Tector Armor from Dynaman (which was only used by DynaBlack). Then, there are Five Tector Armor from Fiveman, the Megatector in Megaranger vs Carranger, the Ginga Lights (which is called "Lights of Orion" in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy), and the Acceltector from Boukenger (which is called the Defender Vest in Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive), were used far before Power Rangers. These, however, served as simple enhancement modes that could be used by all Rangers.

Battlizer armor has, however, been most notably used in teamup episodes, where two teams of Power Rangers join forces to defeat a common enemy -- this is largely due to the fact that these episodes use little footage from Super Sentai.

Despite the Battlizer's typical introduction as a Power Rangers original, a Power Rangers Battlizer was "re-adapted" into Super Sentai, when Jack Landors' Battlizer was used by Banban "Ban" Akaza, Landors' equivalent in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, upon which Power Rangers: S.P.D. was based. Although Landors' and Akaza's Battlizers were identical in appearance, however, the two greatly differed in their functionality.

Although Battlizers are technically tools that allow the access of the armor enhancements, in recent years the term "Battlizer" has been used to solely refer to the armor themselves, as the tools in question could be used for other purposes. Battlizers typically allow the user to have extra armor and weaponry, including a new single-Ranger finishing move.

General Info[]

Battlizers are depicted as having extra armor, weaponry and devices for Power Rangers, and is usually obtained during an episode specifically dedicated to that very power up. Andros (Red Space Ranger) was the first to gain the Battlizer powers, and started a tradition from that season on, where every Red Ranger were to gain one, except for the Jungle Fury Red Ranger.

Battlizer in Super Sentai[]

Battlizer armor was not featured in Super Sentai until 2006, when Jack Landors' Battlizer was used by Banban "Ban" Akaza, also known as DekaRed, in the team-up special "Magiranger vs. Dekaranger." This was the second time Super Sentai adapted something from Power Rangers (the first time was when Mirai Sentai Timeranger used the word "Zord" for one of their enemies mecha). In the team-up special it was called "DekaRed Battlizer Mode" (and Ban confirms it to be Fire Squad armor, confirming that the S.P.D. Battlizer is the rumored DekaFire to much of the tokusatsu fandom's dismay). The transformation itself is quite different from the S.P.D. version. Ban summons K-9 Murphy, then uses the SP License and says "Battlizer Mode On" into it. Murphy separates and attaches to Ban (meaning that it has only Sonic Mode). The finisher itself is different from the attack Jack used in Power Rangers: S.P.D. It is called "Fire Drive" and the weapon is used more like a rifle than a sword similar to ShadowBeta's "Pressure Gun" in Mirai Sentai Timeranger.[1]


Template:Weasel Certain Power Rangers fans detest Battlizers, claiming they are unnecessary and are added to a Ranger's personal arsenal based solely for advertising the toy. Others say they are unnecessary due to the lack of times they are used in each season, but the reason for that could be due to the difficulty of fitting Battlizer scenes in with sentai footage. Other criticisms include, the size of the Battlizer (such as Leo's Red Armor) and "unnecessary" or "ridiculous" design features, like the roller blades on Eric's Time Force Mega Battle, Stretch Limbs on Conner's Triassic Battlizer, and Jack's loin armor. Also, mismanagement of the storylines in S.P.D. resulted in the Battlizer being depreciated as it was shown to be ineffective against the aliens in "S.W.A.T." and succeeded by the S.W.A.T. armor only 2 episodes after its own debut. (It should be noted that the SPD Battlizer's Cyber Mode was overpowered by the aliens, but the Sonic Mode held its own.) After that and overall, the S.P.D. Battlizer was rarely used (a fact the fans also criticized). Some fans also criticize the fact that most Battlizers seemed to be gained almost too easily (such as Andros' was discovered by accident, Carter's and Jack's were just "handed" to them, and in some cases, PRWF & PRLG, the other Rangers did the work to get the Battlizer).

List of Red Battlizer Armors[]

Red Battlized Armor[]


Red Battlized Ranger

The Red Battlized Armor is used by Andros (Red Space Ranger) to turn him into the Red Battlized Ranger. In "Mission To Secret City", Andros was being held hostage with other citizens. When he tried to fight back against Vacsacker, he failed miserably. As he laid there, about to be defeated, Carlos' friend, Silvy, pressed the 3 on Andros' Battleizer (worn on his right hand, Controls delta megazord). Andros, now armed with the Battlizer, rescued the hostages.

  • Stats:
    • Muscular-featured torso armor
    • Winged backpack
    • Ability of flight
    • Missile launch attack.
    • Protection from damage by creating a force-field.
  • Activation:
    • Button 03 on the wrist-worn Battlizer device. "Red Battlized Ranger!"

Red Armored Ranger[]

The Red Armor is used by Leo Corbett (Red Galaxy Ranger) to turn him into the Red Armored Power Ranger. In "Facing the Past", Leo and Karone traveled to a planet to free an old man encased in stone who held the key to restoring Leo's powers (stolen by Magnetox). Karone's lament from having turned the man into stone when she was Astronema freed him, and he gave Leo the key to return his powers; this restoration also resulted in gaining the Battlizer. This Battlizer was destroyed in the final battle against Trakeena.

  • Stats:
    • Gray armored torso w/Lights of Orion armor underneath
    • Target sensors
    • Blasters
    • Grabbing claws
  • Activation:
    • Two halves of a galactic key. "Red... Armored... Power... Ranger!"

Trans-Armor Cycle[]

The Trans-Armor Cycle is used by Carter Grayson, (Red Lightspeed Ranger), which serves both as a supplement to the Red Lightspeed Cycle as well as personal armor. It debuted in Web War, where, after a series of unsuccessful experiments, it was used as a field test against the monster Arachnor, who had managed to abduct most of the Lightspeed personnel. Interestingly, the Trans-Armor Cycle was introduced after the Lightspeed Mega Battles, used by fellow team members Chad Lee and Joel Rawlings. The armor is activated through the bike itself, from which the seats and tires become shoulder-mounted tire launchers and the rest of the bike becoming gauntlet blasters and the body armor.

  • Stats:
    • Lasers
    • Tire Attack
  • Activation:
    • "Trans-Armor Cycle, Armor Mode. Complete Transformation."

Battle Warrior Armor[]

The Battle Warrior Armor is used by Wesley Collins (Red Time Force Ranger) to turn him into the Red Battle Warrior. In the episode "Beware the Knight", the Time Force Rangers came face to face with a black knight who wanted to open a sealed box that held the Battlizer's power. However, only one "pure of heart" could open it, so, when Wes managed to obtain the box from the dragon guarding it, he received the Battle Fire allowing him to become the Red Battle Warrior.

  • Stats:
    • Medieval golden torso armor, greaves, gauntlets, and helmet
    • Fire-designed wings
    • Battle Fire Saber (golden sword, a flaming circle finishing move)
  • Activation:
    • A ball of flame. "Red Battle Warrior!"

Animarium Armor[]

The Animarium Armor is used by Cole Evans, the Red Lion Ranger. When armored, Cole is known as the Red Savage Warrior. The Animarium Armor was obtained in the episode The Wings of Animaria, during which Cole defended Turtle Cove against the Orgs while the other four Rangers were trapped in a collective dream controlled by Animus, only able to free themselves if they could solve a puzzle. When the puzzle was solved, Cole obtained the Animarium Armor (Which is his belt buckle) and the Falcon Summoner, which was used to summon the Red Falconzord (the Falconzord and the Animarium Armor are very similar in design). He later uses it to fight Master Org himself and manages to somehow throw one of Master Org's blasts back at him with it, stripping him of his powers. When Animarium was sent back to the skies, he also lost the Battlizer power.

  • Stats:
    • Wings that can also function as a shield
    • Falcon blast finisher
  • Activation:
    • Belt Buckle. "Animarium Armour! Red Savage Warrior Power Up!"

Tri-Battlized Armor[]

The Tri-Battlized Armor is used by Shane Clarke (Red Ninja Storm Ranger). In "Shane's Karma", Shane encountered an alien being named Skyla, who he supposedly saved when he was younger. Skyla insisted that she give Shane something in return for his deed; the Battlizer he received resulted in the defeat of Vexacus. It was destroyed in the final battle against Lothor, but used once more in the teamup with the Dino Thunder team.

  • Stats:
    • (Ground Mode): Torso armor w/Hawk symbol, complete arm and leg armor, increased power and speed.
    • (Flight Mode): Ability of super flying speed w/Hawk Symbol, sword and bracer, finishing move is called "Ultra Laser" (an energy blast that is shot from an energy-formed hawk).
  • Activation:
    • Upgraded version of Wind Morpher, called the Lightning Morpher. "Battlizer Mode!"/"Battlizer Flight Mode!"

Triassic Battlizer[]

The Triassic Battlizer is used by Conner McKnight (Triassic Dino Thunder Ranger). In the episode "The Passion of Connor", Conner was doubting his abilities as a Ranger until Tommy encouraged him to break free from such negative thoughts. His newly gained confidence resulted in him activating his Battlizer with only his sheer willpower. His Battlizer remained unactivated after the dino gems were used up.

  • Stats:
    • Torso Armor w/Mezodon bracers and shin armor
    • Super-stretch arms and legs
    • Increased speed
    • Dragon Yo-Yo Attack
    • Battlizer Cannon on the back of armor (used for finishing attack called "Battle Blast").
  • Activation:
    • The Mezodon plate on his chest summons the golden-colored Triassic Morpher granted to Conner in Triassic form. "Battlizer, energize! Fire Kick! Super Fire Power!"

S.P.D. Battlizer[]

The S.P.D. Battlizer is used by Jack Landors (S.P.D. Red Ranger), and once by Sky Tate. In "Reflection", Kat Manx completed the Battlizer technology in RIC's system. Jack originally tested it out in Part One and succeeded, destroying Slate and his clones. In Part Two, Jack let Sky use it to avenge his father by defeating Mirloc.

  • Stats:
    • (Cyber Mode): Energy sword, increased power and agility, shoulder armor, loin armor, metallic gauntlets and metallic greaves. This mode was given the derogatory nickname "Battle Thong" by fans.
    • (Sonic Mode): R.I.C. used as armor for the torso and shins, jet pack, ability of flight, siren blasters, Battlizer flaming sword now with finishing move (four streaks of fire, with the last one defeating the enemy).
  • Activation:
    • S.P.D. Battlizer button pushed; Red Ranger calls for Cyber mode with a device similar to the Omega Morpher. "S.P.D. Battlizer, Cyber Mode complete!"/"Battlizer, Sonic Mode! Battlizer Mode 2 Complete!"

Red Dragon Fire Ranger[]

The Red Dragon Fire Ranger is the Battlized form of Nick Russell, the Red Mystic Ranger/Legend Warrior. In The Hunter, when Nick was facing Oculous to get his friends back, Fire Heart came to his aid, and the two merged together.

  • Stats:
    • Samurai-like body armor
    • Wings
    • Two handheld rod weapons "Fierce Dragon Battle Staffs": one in Red with a Dragon's head and one in Blue. They can cast spells, blast fire and energy bolts, and they return to him when thrown, like a boomerang.
    • Flight, even when wing-less.
    • Staffs charge up for a devastating blade finisher.
  • Activation:
    • Fierce Dragon Morpher, device similar to the Solar Cell Morpher. "Red Dragon Fire Ranger!"

Red Sentinel Ranger[]

The Red Sentinel Ranger appears when Mack Hartford combines with the Sentinel Knight. This was originally meant for zord technology, but with the revelation that Mack is an android in Things Not Said, Mack uses the armor to defeat five monsters unleashed by Kamdor to keep the Rangers busy while he attempted to retrieve the fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora.

  • Stats:
    • Body armor based on Sentinel Knight's powered form. Sentinel Knight's face is hidden inside the chestplate, and can physically speak as normal.
    • Gold extensions on the helmet; headlights flash green.
  • (Normal Mode)
    • Increased power and agility.
    • Two swords stored on the back of the armor.
    • Ability to release shockwaves.
  • (Sword Mode)
    • The two swords attach to arm for finishing move.
    • An attack that involves jumping into the air and releasing multiple slashes. The slashes create the Operation Overdrive emblem on the ground beneath the target, which promptly explodes.
    • The primary finishing move involves Sentinel Knight's face launching a blast of wind that traps the enemy in a tornado, followed by Mack jumping into the tornado and slashing the enemy.
  • Activation:
    • Sentinel Morpher, device similar to the Mercury Morpher. "Red Sentinel Ranger!"

List of Megabattle Armors[]

Megabattles are typically reserved for Battlizer-like powerups that are not given to the Red Ranger of each series, although the term can be misleading: the Glider Bike, used by Hunter Bradley, which can be used as armor, is neither considered a Megabattle nor a Battlizer, despite Hunter being generally considered a Red Ranger.

Lightspeed Megabattle Armors[]

Lightspeed Megabattles (sometimes called the simply The ("Mighty") Megabattles) were created by Angela and Clark Fairweather; they were activated by dialing 8-6-1 on the Battle Booster.

  • The Blue Lightspeed Megabattle was featured in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, used by Chad Lee (Blue Lightspeed Ranger). "Megabattle Blue!"
  • Stats:
    • Water/Ice Cannon, which can either spray away or freeze adversaries.
  • The Green Lightspeed Megabattle was featured in Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, used by Joel Rawlings (Green Lightspeed Ranger). "Megabattle Green!"
  • Stats:
    • Power Cutter Dual Saws, which can cut through thick metallic objects, can open up to create a wind blast.
  • Activation:
    • Dialing 8-6-1 on the Battle Booster then yelling, "Megabattle Mode!"

Quantum Mega Battle Armor[]

Quantum Mega Battle Armor (sometimes referred as the Quantum Ranger Battlizer Mode) was featured in Power Rangers: Time Force, used by Eric Myers (The Quantum Ranger). In the episode "Quantum Secrets", Alex secretly informed Eric of the Mega Battle's existence. The power is teleported from the Q-Rex and relayed to the Quantum Ranger when summoned through the Quantum Morpher. It is believed that the Mega Battle Armor was always part of the Quantum Ranger's arsenal.

  • Stats:
    • Torso armor, helmet visor, oversized rollerblades, wings (capable of flight, as well as detachment and use as blasters or blades)
    • Energy sword finishing attack that can even defeat giant mutants.
  • Activation:
    • The push on the Morpher's Buttons. "Mega Battle, Activate! Battle Ready!"

List of Team Power-Up Modes[]

Some teams, in addition to Battlizers, have received team-wide mode changes that boost each Ranger's power significantly. Generally these power-ups will come with outfit changes, such as extra armor and new weaponry, but don't come anywhere near close to the amount of armor included within a Battlizer. Whether these power-up modes are more or less powerful than that year's Battlizer changes from season to season. Sometimes a megazord could only be used when in this mode such as Mezadon Megazord, S.W.A.T Megazord, Manticore Megazord and Jungle Master Megazord.

Lights of Orion[]

Lights of Orion were featured in Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, and are a mysterious energy source which many seek to possess. Magna Defender released the Lights 3,000 years ago, and upon his return, he sought them out to gain the power to destroy Scorpius. When the Lights were found, they were drawn to the Rangers, and the Lights infused them with new armor and weapons.

  • Stats:
    • Enhanced Quasar Sabers
    • Wrist-mounted claw weapon
    • Gold armbands, legbands and belt buckle.
    • "Power-up Mode"-The rangers charge at the enemy and turn into one large ball of energy. The pass through the enemy and return to normal, damage done. Usually a finisher.
    • Lights of Orion power-up the Lost Galaxy Megazord. Enhancements include a large chest shield and helmet spikes, as well as a powered-up Galaxy Megazord Saber.
    • Lights of Orion hold the distinction of being the only power-up to be passed down to the succeeding team (however briefly). In the Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue episode "Trakeena's Revenge, Part 2", the Lights powered-up the Omega Megazord.
  • Activation
    • "Lights of Orion, Activate!"
    • All of the Lost Galaxy rangers must be together in order for the Lights to work.

Super Dino Mode[]

Super Dino Mode was featured in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. It was a set of extra spiked-shaped armor plating that grew from the Rangers' suits when the Dino Rangers tapped deeper into the power of the Dino Gems. It was available to all the Dino Rangers, including the Evil White Ranger. However, unlike other team power-ups, Super Dino Modes are actually achieved individually when any particular ranger has the will strong enough to summon it.

  • Stats:
    • Spiky armor plating grows from the area with secondary color on the Ranger's suit. In place of armor plating anywhere above her waist, the Yellow Ranger received underarm wings.
    • The Rangers fight less like normal humans and more like the dinosaurs they call to.
  • Activation
    • "Super Dino Mode!"

S.W.A.T. Mode[]

S.W.A.T. Mode was featured in Power Rangers: S.P.D.. It was a set of extra armor and weapons available to the five B-Squad S.P.D. Rangers.

  • Stats:
    • Armor with the Ranger's number on then
    • Morpher in the armor on the left side
    • Number Colored with the colored ranger
    • Delta Enforcer
    • S.W.A.T Fliers as zords.
  • Activation:
    • "S.P.D. Swat Mode!"

Legend Mode[]

Legend Mode was featured in Power Rangers Mystic Force as a magical upgrade. It was available to the five core Mystic Force rangers.

  • Stats:
    • Colored gem on the colored ranger.
    • Side inning on the helmet (Red, Yellow, and Pink have wings, Green has the horns, and Blue has the tail fin on the top.)
    • White Armor, boots, and gloves
    • Element in the roll call
    • Mystic Lion staff
    • Mystic Lion and Mystic Firebird zords.
  • Activation:
    • Dialing 120 on their Mystic Morphers. "Legendary Source, Mystic Force!"

Jungle Master Mode[]

Jungle Master Mode is featured in Power Rangers Jungle Fury as a group power-up. The core three Rangers gained this special power-up after gaining use of their second Masters' animal spirits. It is activated when the Rangers extend their "Claw Booster" weapons. While most of the other Rangers on the team all have similar coloring to their standard outfits, only the core three Rangers actually have this upgrade.

  • Stats:
    • Main colors: All white down the torso with colored stripes down the sides. A jet booster is built into the backs. The helmet's shape changes, adding slight extensions and more stripes and lines.
    • Gorilla Spirit, Penguin Spirit and Antelope Spirit.
  • Activation:
    • They hold the Claw Boosters in their right hand and press their left palm on a button on the top. "Jungle Master Mode!"


  1. Magiranger vs. Dekaranger


  • Andros (Red Space Ranger) was the possessor of the only Battlizer which could control a Megazord (Delta Megazord)
  • Carter Grayson (Red Lightspeed Ranger) possessed the only Battlizer with the ability transform from a vehicle mode to an armor form (R.I.C, although also able to go from one form to an armor, does not fit the category due to it being in dog form and not a vehicle), although it was based on an idea originally created for Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy's toyline.
  • Even though Battlizer technology is strictly for Red Rangers (as Kat Manx stated in Power Rangers: S.P.D.), Chad (Blue Lightspeed Ranger) and Joel (Green Lightspeed Ranger) were noted for having Battlizer-like equipment (Mega Battles) in their arsenal during Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue, starting with the episode "The Mighty Mega Battles." Technically speaking, the only non-Red Ranger to use an actual Battlizer was Sky Tate, in the S.P.D. episode "Reflections". However, he used the Red Ranger's morpher for that battle, and would later take on the Red Ranger role officially, until a post-season promotion caused the powers to be passed on.
  • Eric Myers (the Quantum Ranger) was the first and only Sixth Ranger to receive a Battlizer-like power-up (most likely due to him being similar to a Red Ranger as well).
  • Even though the Battlizers (armors and wrist-worn devices) were a completely American-made concept, the name was based on Denji Sentai Megaranger's counterpart to very first wrist-worn activator, the "Battle Riser."
  • Shane Clarke (Red Wind Ranger), Jack Landors (S.P.D. Red Ranger), and Mack Hartford (Red Overdrive Ranger) are the only three Rangers to have Battlizers with two modes: one basic mode for ground-based fighting, and a mode upgraded with extra armor & weapons for ( in Shane's and Jack's case) aerial-based fighting. The upgraded mode also has the Battlizer's finishing attack, a burst-stream of powerful red energy which has been shown to easily destroy a small space craft.
  • Ever since Power Rangers: Time Force, whenever there was a team-up episode, any Ranger that had access to a Battlizer was activated by default in the main battle (not counting Forever Red and Once A Ranger), preferably at the last scene of a fight, defeating all the enemies by using each of the Battlizer's finishing moves simultaneously.
  • Jason Lee Scott's use of the Dragon Shield and Dragon Dagger after Tommy's departure is often (jokingly) referred to by fans as the inspiration for the Battlizer. Considering how Jason Lee Scott's Super Sentai counterpart of Zyuranger 'Geki' The Tyranno Ranger, was powered up upon using the 'Dragon Shield' as a Red Ranger, this is more than likely the case. As the Dragon Shield multiplied strength and power levels, as well as providing a 'forcefield' in close-quarter combat for limited defense. In Zyuranger, the Dragon Shield-wearing Red Ranger was called the 'Armored/Armed Tyranno Ranger'.
  • In several Power Rangers finales, the Battlizer Armor is destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
  • Ever since Power Rangers S.P.D., the "Battlizer Morpher" has been a recolored (usually red) version of one of the extra Ranger's Morphers.
  • S.P.D. - Jack Landors' Battlizer Morpher was a red Omega Morpher.
  • Mystic Force - Nick Russell's was a red Solar Cell Morpher.
  • Operation Overdrive - Mack's was an orange, gold, and red version of the Mercury Morpher.
  • In Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Casey Rhodes is the only Red Ranger since the Battlizer was introduced not to have a Battlizer.

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