Baktosh Redclaw is a fictional Kilrathi character from the Wing Commander game series. He only appears once very briefly in Wing Commander (1990).

Historical Background[]

Baktosh Redclaw was a Kilrathi noble loyal to the Empire of Kilrah. As of 2654, in the middle of the 35-year Kilrathi War, he was ranked as the best pilot in the Kilrathi fleet. He only flew a Jalthi heavy fighter, which was infamous for its deadly six gunners, a fighter that matched his ferocity. Redclaw fought with several of the Terran Confederation's finest ace pilots. Some years before the events of 2654, Redclaw fought with a squadron led by James Taggart. Redclaw and his wingmen killed four of Taggart's own wingmen before Taggart's force could organize an appropriate retaliation. Redclaw was among the most feared pilots in the Kilrathi fleet.

During the Vega Campaign in 2654, The TCS Tiger's Claw was in the Dakota System trying to assist a colony on the planet Fargo. The colony suffered an outbreak of a disease known as Watson's Disease, and the Tiger's Claw had to get the vaccines down to the planet before the colony died off. Baktosh Redclaw was defending three transports on 2654.139 when pilots Christopher Blair and Joseph "Knight" Khumalo attacked them on a routine patrol. Redclaw was with the second transport which was carrying troops. Whether he dies in this mission of the game or not is up to the player.

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