Bad Boy is a fictional character in the Gobots toyline, and the subsequent Challenge of the GoBots cartoon. He later appears in the fiction of the Transformers universe.

Challenge of the Gobots

Bad Boy
Transformers character
Generation 1 Bad Boy toy
Voiced by Unknown
Affiliation Renegade/Decepticon
Japanese name Fairchild Robo
Sub-group Mini-Vehicles
Function Body Guard
Partner Bug Bite, Pathfinder, Road Ranger, Smallfoot and Treds
Alternate modes A-10 Thunderbolt
Series Gobots
Transformers: Generation 1

Bad Boy is one of Cy-Kill's minions. He is a rough street punk always ready with an insult and looking for a fight. He is actually smarter than he lets on, preferring to let others under estimate him.

Like most Gobots Bad Boy can change form, his alternate mode being a combat jet. He also has hand-blasters. his built-in repair systems can repair most injuries to his body if given enough energy.

Animated series

In "Scooter Enhanced" episode #24 Screw Head, Bad Boy and Cop-Tur are sent to attack Unicom bases and distract the Guardians while Cy-Kill, Crasher and Scorp attempt to take the Power Suits from the Guardian Command Center. [1]


Bad Boy in Challenge of the Gobots

Bad Boy is featured extensively in "Wolf in the Fold" episode #33. Using an image simulator circuit invented by Herr Fiend Bad Boy is able to go under cover as the Guardian Heatseeker. From inside the Guardians Bad Boy is able to leak information to the Renegades. Once it is discovered that there is a traitor among the Guardians Bad Boy tries to frame Leader-1 as the traitor, but he is uncovered by Scooter. Thanks to timely use of the astrobeam he escapes the Guardians. [2]

Bad Boy appears in "Cy-Kill Escapes" episode #41 as he and Herr Fiend send a stealth device to the escaping renegades on the Gobot Prison Moon to cover their escape in a hidden ship. [3]

Bad Boy appears in "The Fall of Gobotron" episode #43 as he and Blockhead try to pick a fight with Turbo. [4]

Bad Boy appears in "Flight to Earth" episode #44 where he and Blockhead collect the Guardians on Cybertron and take them to prison. [5]

Bad Boy appears in "The Third Column" episode #50 where he sides with Zero, who tries to take over the Renegades from Cy-Kill. [6]

Fun Publications

Bad Boy has a cameo in Transcendent by Fun Publications which occurred at the same time as Withered Hope. He can be seen standing in line for processing in Axiom Nexus. [7]

Bad Boy is a main character appearing in Withered Hope, a text and comic based story. Sent to investigate the effect the destroying their universe six Gobots are reformatted to look like an Autobots and Decepticons and sent through the Interfacer to the source of the disturbance - the 22nd level. They accidentally arrive on Transtech Cybertron where they are kept against their will in the city of Axiom Nexus. Bug Bite escapes without his allies using an astro beam device. While on Cybertron Bad Boy becomes friends with the Malignus gang. The remaining Gobots run afoul of the Transtech Decepticon General Demolishor in a criminal investigation but are aided by Airazor, Crystal Widow and Cheetor. The Gobots receive upgrades from the shop of Swindle, Swindle and Swindle and are able to leave the dimension thanks to stolen transit passes they obtain. Once they arrive on Earth of the 22nd level where they find Bug Bite and his new Decepticon allies Weirdwolf and Dreadwind. [8]


  • Gobots Bad Boy (1985)
Released in the Machine Robo line as Tank-Bust. [9]
  • Generation 1 Mini-Bot Bad Boy (2004)
A redeco of Generation 1 Powerglide, an ehobby exclusive 6 pack with his fellow Mini-Bot Gobots. [10]


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