Baby Cammenitti/Barnes is a fictional character on Australian soap opera Neighbours.

She is the unborn daughter of Carmella Cammeniti and Oliver Barnes.She will be born in Mid February to early March of 2008.When Carmella was pregnant with her she unknownly was almost 12 weeks pregnant when she suffered superficial injuries in a bus crash,She also had a pregnancy scare in her 5 month and developed placenta previa.Her parents Carmella and Oliver's relationship broke up before the pregnancy was discovered.

Family Tree[]

Maternal Line[]

  • Rocco Cammeniti (grandfather) divorced Lucia Cammeniti (grandmother)
    • Rosetta Cammeniti (aunt) married to Frazer Yeats (uncle-in-law)
    • Carmella Cammeniti (mother)
      • Baby Cammenitti/Barnes
  • Raimondo Cammeniti (great uncle)
    • Teresa Cammeniti (second cousin)

Paternal Line[]

  • Clifford Barnes (adoptive grandfather,deceased) married to Pamela Barnes (adoptive grandmother,deceased)
    • Sebastian Barnes (adoptive uncle)
  • Alan Napier (great grandfather)
    • Rebecca Napier (grandmother) divorced Richard Aaronow (grandfather),dating Paul Robinson (step-grandfather)
      • Oliver Barnes (father)
      • Declan Napier (uncle)
  • Marcus Napier (great uncle)