A Azerblood is a type of planetouched that is the combination of a fire outsider known as an azer and dwarven blood, based in the campaign seeting of the Forgotten Realms for the game of Dungeons and Dragons. As a planetouched, it is an outsider of the Native subtype with a collection of power based on its fiery bloodline as well as abilities based on its dwarven nature.

Both Dwarves and Azers pride law over chaos, but Azerbloods take after their outsider relatives in regard of good and evil by staying out of that conflict. So the common Azerblood is Lawful Neutral. Their favourite class is Fighter.

Physical Description[]

Azerblood resemble a dwarf of the Shield subtype for the most part, with some variations based on the outsider blood that flows in their veins. Common traits are metallic brass-coloured skin, flame-red hair and irises that appear to move with flames. The favour the Azer way of dressing in metallic skirts of brass, bronze and copper. But they will dress for necessity, including heavier armours.


Azerblood usually dwell in their own small communities or within larger communities of dwarves. They worship the Dwarven gods, especially Gorm Gulthyn and Dumathoin. They prefer coins and trade goods as treasure, most likey due to their dwarven natures. In combat, they are well known for team tactics and using their natural protections against fire to cast flaming magics.

The most common society of Azerblood are those who live in the Small Teeth mountains of Amn, as they are descendants of Clan Azerkyn of the Adamant Kingdom of Xothaerin. Azerblood are also born to shield dwarves in locations near natural outlets to the Elemental Plane of Fire or places of great heat, like the Lake of Steam.


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