Avelyn Desbris is a fictional character in The DemonWars Saga.


Avelyn Desbris was born in God's Year 796 in the small village of Youmaneff in the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear to Jayson and Annalisa Desbris. The youngest of ten children, he was raised by his parents in his village until God's Year 816 when, after eight years of study, Avelyn entered the gates of St. Mere-Abelle as a brother of the Abellican Church. Once inside the monastery Avelyn began his training in the martial-arts and in the use of the magical gemstones called Ring Stones. While he was lacking in the former, in comparison to the other monks of St. Mere-Abelle, Avelyn excelled in the workings of gemstone magic.


As time went on Avelyn was watched by those in power in the Church. Finally, the day came when he and three other brothers were chosen to sail to the holy island of Pimaninicuit, home of the blessed Ring Stones, to bless as many stones as possible and bring them back to the monastery. It was during his travel on the ship Windrunner that he met Dansally Comerwick, a young woman kept aboard ship for the pleasure of the crew and passengers. Avelyn and Dansally struck up a friendship while aboard the ship, talking to each other instead of spending their time as the rest of the crew did with the woman.

Avelyn and the other brothers finally reached Pimaninicuit. Once there Avelyn and another Abellican, Thagraine, went ashore and awaited the fall of the Ring Stones. It was there that Thagraine died and Avelyn discovered a large amethyst gemstone. The brothers returned to the ship and from there travelled back to St. Mere-Abelle. Their return marked one of the darkest days in Avelyn's life and began to lead the monk down the road away from the church.

The Mad Friar[]

Avelyn Desbris would leave his beloved church not long after his return from the island. The reason for his departure stemmed from the destruction of the Windrunner, the ship that had taken the young man and his peers to the sacred island. The destruction of the ship and the death of Dansally, however, was merely a step in that direction. It was due to Avelyn's use of a hematite, a soul stone, to travel from his body that truly caused him to leave. For, it was the use of that stone that allowed him to see that Bestesbulzibar, the demon dactyl, had awakened.

Avelyn fled from the church, stealing a handful of gemstones -- including the mysterious purple amethyst -- and became a wayward monk and a drunkard who fought others and preached the return of the dactyl. It was during one such encounter that he met Jilseponie Ault, now a soldier of the King's Men. The two became fast friends, as well as teacher and student after Pony gained insight into the use of the powerful Ring Stones during a healing session with the soul stone.

Yet, while Avelyn left the church, the church did not leave him. Unbeknownst to the now portly older man, a brother, one of the four who accompanied Avelyn on the quest for the Ring Stones, was given the title of Brother Justice and sent after the newly titled Mad Friar to take back the Ring Stones. Once Brother Justice found Avelyn he ended up kidnapping Jilseponie in order to get Avelyn and the stones back. Fotunately, the Mad Friar was in the Timberlands at the time with Pony. Meeting Elbryan Wyndon, he told the ranger of his plight and together they rescued Pony.

The DemonWar[]

Soon, the Demon War began when the dactyl sent its army to attack the villages of the Timberlands. After many battles it he and others eventually confronted the Demon Dactyl. Avelyn was cut off from the others during the fight and had to fight the Dractyl on his own, and despite his skill with the magic stones the demon too powerful for. Avelyn was used both the purple amethyst, which he destroyed using the ranger sword Tempest to destroy the physical form of the dactyl, at the cost of his own life when the amethyst's magic was released. When it was over Avelyn was buried under tons of rock, only his arm exposed to the surface. His hand clutched his bag of gemstones and Tempest.

The Miracle of Avelyn[]

There was much to do after the Demon War. The reconstruction of the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear became vital, but was quickly made less important with the advent of the rosey plague, a sickness which created a rosy circle on its victims and eventually lead to death in most. Jilseponie Ault tended to the sick and dying as best she could, as did others, until finally the woman discovered that kissing the blood which dripped from the dead palm of Avelyn Desbris would cure those who had the plague. Pilgrims came from all over to do so, considering the instantaneous healing to be the miracle of Avelyn.

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