Developer(s) Project community
Engine Merc
Platform(s) Platform independent
Release date(s) 1995
Genre(s) Fantasy MUD
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Media Online
System requirements Telnet client
Input methods Keyboard

AVATAR MUD is a MUD, a text-based online role-playing game, that has been in use since August 1995. It is an online multi-player text-based computer game that combines elements of role-playing games, hack and slash style computer games and social instant messaging chat rooms.

Originally based on Merc/DikuMUD code, Avatar has been highly modified over the years. Changes to areas, races, classes, equipment and other factors of gameplay have occurred, often resulting in player (dis)content. A loyal playerbase and strong staff (Immortals and Angels) have long seen the MUD remain stable, although player numbers have been decreasing over the past few years[1]. In May 2008, a Publicity Team was belatedly formed to help increase player counts, which have plummeted steadily since 2005 due, in part, to the advent of graphic MMORPGs.


Characters may choose to start as newbies at either level 1 (where they start in Avatar's Mudschool) or level 2, and continue up the ranks by gaining experience points, and levelling, or reaching the next level. The first tier comprises levels 1-50 and is called the 'low mortal' tier. The second tier starts at level 51 and is called the 'hero' tier. At this point, level 51, the player gains sublevels rather than levels. Because of this, a hero 750 character and a hero 11 character are both level 51. After 'hero' sublevel 500, the player has the option of morphing to a 'lord', which is level 125 (the hero tier stops at hero 999, after which further levels will automatically attempt to morph). After sublevel 500 of Lord, the player can become a Legend, which is level 250. This tier was added in late 2005, and the official planning[2] is that this tier will be suited for PvP combat.

Classes and Races[]

When creating a character, players choose from a number of classes and races. Thus one may become an Orc Warrior, an Elf Cleric, a Human Rogue, or hundreds of other combinations (there are 25 creatable races[3] and 7 creatable classes[4]). There are additional classes and races available to more experienced players through a process called remorting[5][6], or choosing a prestige class[7], and evolutionary race[8]. Play is enriched by class and race based spell and skill modifiers as well as racial skills and prerequisite skill/spell trees. The prestige class option, which is an extended version of your original class with a few unique skills added, becomes available at level 50, and allows users to change their class into a similar class, one that can be seen as a subschool of the so-called core class that they were before that.


In order to make the MUD more accessible to new players of a variety of backgrounds, a special class of guides called "Angels" perform teaching and mentoring duties.


Avatar's Immortals fill a number of different roles for the purpose of keeping the MUD running smoothly. These functions include development support in suggesting or, in some cases, writing new features; editing, writing, and debugging areas; helping to maintain the website, mailing list, note, channel and information systems; and running non-repeating, interactive quests, in which player participation is particularly encouraged.

There is a hierarchy within Immortal ranks, with the Implementor, Snikt, being the final arbiter.

Avatar has a Mudschool designed to assist new players.


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