Forgotten Realms Deity
Title(s) Frostmaiden
The Cold Goddess
Homeplane Fury's Heart
Power Level Lesser
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Cold, Ice, Winter
Superior Talos

Auril, the Frostmaiden, is the goddess of cold and winter in the Forgotten Realms. She is most powerful in those regions that are affected by deep winters or crouch at the edges of the Great Glacier. She is a native of the extradimensional plane of Pandemonium. Her symbol is a white snowflake on a grey diamond.

Auril is similar to Umberlee in many ways. She is worshipped out of fear, she serves Talos, and much of her ethos is similar to that of the god of nature's destruction. Like Umberlee, she has seen much of her personal power eroded by Talos himself, and as a result, the winters have grown colder to remind the people who still controls the power of cold.

Auril's priests wear ice white robes with blue trim, and are easily identified by the dire warnings they proclaim of the wrath of Auril come the winter. They have also been known to cast many of the cold based wizard spells.