Private First-Class Arlene Sanders is from the Doom novels, and is the best-friend of Fly.

Also a member of Fox Company, Arlene is the Fox Company's best scout, and one of the few people that Fly truly trusts. Like Fly, Arlene gets caught up in the invasion of Phobos and Deimos. Unlike Fly, she uses her scout training to sneak around, and leaves waypoints of sorts, in the form of Arrows marked A.S. She was in love with a fellow soldier named Willhelm Dodd. When they become attacked by the invading forces, she asks Fly to make a pact: If Dodd has become a zombie, that Fly be the one to take him out.

Despite the pact made, Fly hesitates to destroy her former-lover, leaving her to finish the job[1]. This is a relief for Fly, because they both knew if he had been the one to take him down, it would have created a barrier between the two of them. Despite her smaller lithe frame, Arlene is nearly, if not as strong as Fly himself. While she is a better thinker than Fly, she doesn't have the same cool head that he does.

Arlene has/had a brother, whom was easily swayed. Because of this, she felt the Mormons (whom she deems a cult) had taken advantage of his "weak-mind." To recover her brother, she had gone undercover, and tried to rescue him.[2] Arlene is one of only two characters who makes appearances in all four Doom novels.

Eric Harris of Columbine High School massacre infamy was a very serious DOOM fan and was reported to have named his sawed-off shotgun after Arlene Sanders. [1]


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