Neverwinter Nights persistent world
Arkaz header
Description Arkaz is an HotU CoPaP server. There are currently 2 servers which make up the world: The Island of Nuvar and the Isle of Iron.
Setting Arkaz Campaign Setting.
Vault Type Server
Magic Low to Moderate
Hakpak Many haks required and available on website.
Schedule 24/7

Arkaz is a campaign setting designed for use with Neverwinter Nights. It is a persistent world.



Arkaz is a traditional setting utilizing many familiar D&D concepts. The world itself is made up of many islands, some large some small. Each island is a focus of a certain race. Nuvar, for example, is the primary human land.

Arkaz is currently one of the member worlds of the Confederation of Planes and Planets.


Arkaz contains many features expanding on Neverwinter Nights, such as custom races (e.g. the wemic), the inclusion of religious affiliations, and the ability to craft armor, clothing, and weapons. Other features include a player owned home, persistent inns with storage chests, a persistent death system and more.

World history[]


Arkaz was crafted by a being known to most as "The Maker". The Maker used the elemental forces acquired through the making of several stones of power called the "World Stones". After he crafted the islands he used his great power to draw people from everywhere to populate his creation.

Development of Arkaz[]

Akraz began in 2005 as a small world with a hand full of players. In that time it has grown to several hundred players, a good sized staff and currently hosts over 500 areas. Its second server, Iron, is undergoing maintenance and a third server is currently in the works.[citation needed]

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