Antallos is a planettoid in the Fictional Universe of BattleTech

Settled by several trading companies form the Terran Hegemony, Federated Suns, Draconis Combine, and even the Outworlds Alliance. First envisioned as a trading post for all nations to e run by the Star League were merchants would be able to make trade without any influence form any nation. Antallos would not be a single location were local merchants would congregate, but would be a single part in a group of planets that would facilitate the needs of the merchants.

But the dream of equal opportunities was flushed away, since merchants plotting to make their earnings quickly exploited the system and after a while such actions forced the SLDF was forced to deal with the situation to ensure the equal trading rights of merchants and to ensure the security of the planet also since Terran Hegemony security teams were found inadequate. Still Antallos was doomed since with the fall of the Star League, came the loss of hope, technology and in the case of Anatallos its future as a home to a civilized people. with over three centuries of prate raids and fighting between the peoples of the cities. After the loss of the last government controlled territory was lost Antallos became the home of the worst of humanity can produce, and even to pirates. Even what could be called an economy is nearly made up of non-standard forms.


A hot dry, barren world with nearly ninety percent of the world covered in deserts, radiation and chemicals form the warring over the centuries between the city-states. With only five large sized body of waters with one so aptly named the Sea of the Green which is surrounded by the only strip of tropical plant life; and the polar ice caps each are almost a 100 kilometers in diameter, even during the winter hours.

In the Northern Hemisphere is the Sea of Despair which is actually a desert devoid of all life, yet is surrounded by a few cities. In the south is the Shattered Wastes, the badlands of the region that spans for thousand of kilometers, as one of the most roughest of regions in the Periphery.


Though in spite of the environment itself over thirty cities are spread out over the planet giving the planet populace with the semblance of shelter and order to most. The warlords that control the cities give the population of the cities security in return for services form the Zone gangs that wander across the waste lands.

With the Fall of the Smoke Jaguar Clan, survivors of the clan arrived at Antallos including Technicians, laborers, and even the warrior caste. After time past these survivors formed their own version of the Zone Gangs. Still still posses clan technology and have great advantage over their innersphere counterparts and some of their own clan brethren.

What can be called the economic stability of Antallos is thankful to the slaves trade which become the mainstay thanks to Controller Samuel Jenkins, and the city of Port Krin with the only port on planet. By planning to use Port Krin and his Slave army to conquer the rest of Antallos which failed but would lead to the future were pirates, smugglers, and even slavers would find as a place to call home.

The main trades of Antallos is the slave trade were slavers travel with their goods that they have captured across the plane. The other main trade is of weapons and weapon technology form the Succer states that has been stolen and in rare cases even clan technology. Their are several other trades dealing in blood sports form battlemech to hand to hand combat.


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