A map of Antagarich created by New World Computing. Portions of this map are visible in the campaign briefings for Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Antagarich is one of three known continents upon the fictional world of Enroth, which features prominently in the Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic series of video games. Often simply referred to as “Erathia” (a major kingdom in the center of the continent), Antagarich is featured throughout Heroes of Might and Magic III, Might and Magic VII, and the Heroes Chronicles series.



AvLee is the homeland of the Wood Elves, located at the northern regions of the continent. Ruled by King Eldrich Parson at the time of Might and Magic VII, it is home to Centaurs, Faeries and Dwarves in addition to the resident Elven race. AvLee is represented by the Rampart faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III, and its inhabitants are descended from the Snow Elves of Vori, an isle due west of the mainland. AvLee once battled Erathia in a bitter conflict known as the Timber Wars and also participated in the Restoration of Erathia war. The capital city of AvLee is Pierpoint, which lies within the Tularean Forest.


Bracada is a snowy land on the continent’s southern tip, home to Antagarich’s wizards. “Descended” from the Empire of Bracaduun, its only known ruler throughout the centuries has been the Immortal King, Gavin Magnus. Bracada is represented by the Tower faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its capital, the skycity of Celeste, served as the headquarters for the “Good” faction in Might and Magic VII. The resident wizards once battled against the four Elemental Lords, as told in Heroes Chronicles: Masters of the Elements, and Bracada is also known for having sided with Erathia during the Restoration Wars.


Deyja is a barren land in mid-northern Antagarich, populated by Necromancers and the undead minions. Represented by the Necropolis faction in Heroes III, the Deyjans were never actually involved in war with other nations throughout the thousand years before the events of Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. After being invaded by forces from AvLee, Erathia and Krewlod, Deyja then staged a plot to dominate Erathia by killing its king, Nicolas Gryphonheart, and raising him as their own undead ruler. This plot failed due to intervention from Erathia's heir, Catherine Gryphonheart. Deyja's “capital,” Castle Gloaming, served as the headquarters for the “Evil” faction in Might and Magic VII. By the end of that game’s events, Deyja’s grip over the continent was almost totally undone.


Formerly populated by the Halfling race, the lush land of Eeofol was invaded by the demonic Kreegans sometime after the Night of Shooting Stars as depicted in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. The Kreegans transformed the pleasant territory into a volcanic dreadland, represented by the Inferno faction in Heroes III. At first ruled by Xenofex, the Kreegans were united under the iron fist of a new leader, Lucifer, following the events of Might and Magic VII. After the events of Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon’s Blade, the Kreegans were driven to total extinction from the face of the world, though they still exist on many other planets such as Axeoth. The capital of the Kreegan-ruled Eeofol was Kreelah.


Erathia, the main homeland of Antagarich’s human population, lies in the center of the continent. Ruled by the Gryphonhearts since its foundation, it was represented by the Castle faction in Heroes III. Erathia also featured prominently in Might and Magic VII and the Heroes Chronicles. Founded by King Rion Gryphonheart, Erathia was invaded by numerous nations following the murder of King Nicolas Gryphonheart, resulting in the Restoration Wars. Championed by Nicolas’ daughter, Queen Catherine Ironfist, Erathia was eventually led to victory against the Deyjans and later the Kreegans of Eeofol. Erathia’s capital city is Steadwick.


Krewlod, also known as the Wastelands, is situated in southwestern Antagarich. Inhabitated by Barbarians, Orcs, Ogres, Goblins and their kin, it was represented by the Stronghold faction in Heroes III. Krewlod was the original homeland of Tarnum, the Barbarian Tyrant from Heroes Chronicles: Warlords of the Wasteland later to become the Immortal Hero. Strangely, Krewlod did not feature in Might and Magic VII, nor was it mentioned. Its penultimate ruler was Duke Winston Boragus, who was later slain by an aspiring barbarian named Kilgor during Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon’s Blade. The capital of Krewlod is named Ulgak.


Nighon is a cavernous island east of Antagarich, across the Nighon Straits. Populated by underworlders, including Minotaurs, Troglodytes and Harpies, it is ruled by the Dungeon Overlords and the Warlocks, united under a single leader every few centuries. The first (known) such leader was the Lich Emperor Mederon. Later, the Dragon Queen Mutare took total control of Nighon and its armies, leading them in an invasion of AvLee and Erathia, but she was repelled by AvLee’s Forest Guard in Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the Dragons and later slain. Nighon’s overland is barren, mountainous and snow-capped in some regions. It is represented by the Dungeon faction in Heroes III.


Tatalia is a marshland region located north of Krewlod, in eastern Antagarich, also known simply as the Mudlands. Tatalia’s inhabitants suffered a long history of oppression to the leaders of Krewlod and Erathia, only declaring independence during the events of Heroes Chronicles: Revolt of the Beastmasters. First ruled by the human, Droglo, Tatalia's second (known) ruler was the Lizardman, King Tralossk. Tatalia was represented by the Fortress faction in Heroes III, and its Erathian borderlands appeared in Might and Magic VII. The word “tatalia” is mentioned to translate as “community” in the language of the Witches who reside there.


The homeland of the Snow Elves, the eldest of the Elven race, Vori was only featured during the events of Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost. A frozen island west of the mainland, Vori’s capital—named Volee—housed the Sword of Frost, one of the two weapons which resulted in the planet’s ruination in the cataclysmic event known as the Reckoning.


Heroes Chronicles: Early Chapters[]

Warlords of the Wasteland
Chronologically the first in the Heroes Chronicles series, this title takes place in the Krewlod region. It chronicles the rise to power of the Barbarian King, Tarnum, and his battles against the oppressive Empire of Bracaduun and the Knights of Erathia. Tarnum destroys the Empire, enslaving and murdering thousands of innocents in the process, but is killed in a duel with Rion Gryphonheart, the founder of Erathia.
Conquest of the Underworld
Taking place directly after the events of the previous game, this game tells the story of Tarnum’s return as the “Immortal Hero.” As punishment for his crimes in his youth, Tarnum is charged with rescuing the soul of his killer—Rion Gryphonheart—from Demons beneath the earth. Tarnum aids Rion's daughter, Queen Allison, in her crusade, eventually retrieving Gryphonheart’s soul and departing.
Revolt of the Beastmasters
This game tells the story of Tarnum’s fight to free the Mudlanders he enslaved centuries ago from the shackles of Erathia. Becoming a Beastmaster, he travels to the Mudlands and begins to free the slaves, defeating Erathian border lords in the process and slaying “Mad King Gryphonheart” of Erathia. At the game’s conclusion, the Mudlands have become an independent nation named “Tatalia.”
Masters of the Elements
The Elemental Lords are freed from a ten thousand-year-old truce, and Tarnum is forced to stop them. He travels to the wizardly lands of Bracada and forms an alliance with King Gavin Magnus, traveling to the four Elemental Planes and even discovering a fifth—the Plane of Magic. He and his wizards return home to discover that the Elemental Lords are ravaging the world—they defeat the Lords, ending their conquest.
The World Tree and the Fiery Moon
One of the Ancestors—a trio of Barbarian gods—is driven mad with power and attempts to destroy the World Tree. Tarnum, aided by Barbarians and a Druid from AvLee, stops this god—named Vorr—who then travels to the Fiery Moon and attempts to enlist the aid of the Kreegans. Tarnum pursues Vorr and manages to stop the maddened god, returning the three Ancestors to normal.