The Ann Arbor/Saline Classic Bicycle Show and Swap Meet is an antique bicycle show that happens every year in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This event is held at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds every year. This show has been going on for almost 30 years, with over 7,000 bicycles and hundreds of people every year, which makes it one of the oldest and biggest antique bicycle shows in the United States[1].

Show Information[]

Every year the Ann Arbor/Saline Classic Bicycle Show and Swap Meet is held at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds, usually in the month of April. To get into the show there is a three dollar charge per person, and is free for children under 12[2]. With entrance into the show a ticket for the door prize is given out. Every year there are door prizes given out, which are usually new classic bicycles. The tickets are usually pulled every half hour and the winner must be present to claim his/her prize.

Classic Show Bicycles[]

Every year 50 to 75 show bicycles are put into eleven differnt categories to be voted on. These bicycles are voted on by the public for first place. Some of these categories are Best Unrestored, Best Lady's, Best Motorized Bike, Best Special Custom, Best Early Classic, and Best Bicycle from each decade 1930 to 1970. Also there is the classic bike of the year award. This competion is filled with some of the rarest bicycles that are seldom seen outside of museums and auctions. This is a judged event and the winner will be crowned "Classic Bike of the Year"[3].


Every year there are over 250 dealers from across the continent. There are over 7,000 bicycles every year that can be either bought or swapped for. These 7,000 bicycles are representing nearly every major bike maker in the last century[4]. With spots all over the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds filled with bicycles it is the perfect opportunity for someone to relive old memories or to find the bike that they have been looking for.

Poor Man's Auction[]

Every year at about noon there is what they call a "Poor Man's Auction". This is where anyone at the show can bring a bike, or something related, and can put there items into the auction to see if they can sell it. It costs $10 to enter it in the auction and if the item doesnt sell the owner will get $5 back[5]. Close to a hundred items are put in this auction every year, with their owner hoping to have someone buy it off of them.