Ankita Mishra (born 10 April 1990) is a singer who was a contestant on the third season of Indian Idol, finishing in the top four.

She is from Kanpur.

Indian Idol[]

On audition level in Kanpur, she sung Koi Mil Gaya from movie of the same title and Mehebooba from Ajnabee. Judges were fascinated her voice and her performance. Udit Narayan used a word Shabash!.She made judges Alisha Chinai and Anu Malek dance to her song. She was eliminated from the "Piano Round" and thus lost her chance to enter the Top 13 on Indian Idol 3. However, the judges granted her a spot in the final "Gala Rounds" via a Wildcard Entry.

Day One: Piano Round[]

Mishra performed Aaye Re Khushi, dressed up like a tomboy and singing a song about a traditionally feminine character. Javed Akhtar commented that if there was some way he could give a 110% rating, he would have. Udit Narayan said that he was so taken with her performance that he felt like dancing with her. Mishra subsequently requested Narayan to come on stage and dance with her.

Day Two: Piano Round[]

Mishra performed Ajnabee, using a revolving stool to depict the beginning and ending of her performance. Narayan said that the reason Akhtar didn't join her on stage was because he had even higher expectations from her, and if she delivered another performance of the same calibre, he would definitely join her. Mishra was assessed in the bottom four by the judges, but was saved by the public.

Day Three: Piano Round[]

Mishra performed the title track of Golmaal.

Day Four: Piano Round[]

Mishra performed Aisa Jaadu Daala Re, getting good reviews although Chinai mentioned that her singing was a little offkey. Mishra was subsequently eliminated the next day.

Wildcard: Round of 7[]

Mishra was selected as the last contestant to be called for the Wildcard Round. She performed an original Bhajan by her Guru called Tu Vishaal Hai.

Wildcard: Round of 4[]

Mishra was one of four contestants selected by the public and brought into the second Wilcard Round. She sang Kaisi Paheli Zindagani- which had highly impressed all the four judges.

Week One: Galas[]

Mishra performed Akhiyaan Na Maar. The judges were very positive. At the end of the show, when asked about their individual favorites for the evening, Javed Akhtar mentioned Mishra, and she was also the only girl mentioned by the judges.

Week Two: Galas[]

The theme was a song that represented the singer best. Mishra selected Rangeela Re, which has a performer dancing in a supermarket, wishing that she becomes popular and imagining her life to be fulfilled once she becomes a "face" among faces.Anu Malek stated that she had given the best entry, any contestant could give so far.

Week 3: Galas[]

The theme of the week was to pick a song that was picturised on the contestant's favorite actor or actress and Mishra performed "Chamma Chamma", which was picturised on her favorite actress, Urmila Matondkar. The performance was another sensational one and placed Mishra in the Top 3 with Amit Paul and Deepali. Anu Malek said that they are looking for the ideal combination of singing and performance and Ankita brings that package to Indian Idol. Alisha Chinai gave her a 100% on Performance, and 99.9% on Vocals. Udit Narayan said that she started off completely off-key but recovered and then delivered another earth shattering performance. The guest judge Shabana Azmi, who was filling in for an absent Javed Akhtar, said that Mishra was superb, and she was astounded by how well Mishra was able to perform even with the difficulty level of the song.

Week 4: Galas[]

The theme was to do a medley of a fast song and a slow song. Mishra's song choice was different as she was the only one who chose songs that felt connected to each other. She chose Babuji Dheere Chalna as her slow track and Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo as her fast track. Afterwards, Javed Akhtar asked Govinda to dance with Mishra, and he agreed.

Week 5: Galas[]

The theme was romance and Mishra chose Suraj Hu Madham, a difficult song.

Week 6: Galas[]

The theme was folk music. Mishra chose UP Bihar Lootne. Mishra landed in the bottom two the next day, and the judges unanimously expressed the opinion that she did not deserve to go.

Week 7: Galas[]

Mishra missed her tempo initially, and was left standing awkwardly behind judges, and then returning to the stage. At the results show, Mishra was declared to be in the bottom three alongside Deepali Sahai and Emon Chatterjee. Sahai was eliminated.

Week 8: Galas[]

Mishra performed the hit single Deewane for "Pop Music Week".Her performance did not please the three judges,including guest judge Sonu Niigaam.However,her performance did please Alisha Chinai. At the results show, Mishra was declared safe and Puja Chatterjee was eliminated leaving Mishra as the last remaining girl.

Week 9: Galas[]

Mishra performed Aap Jaisa Koi for "Disco Night".

Mishra was eliminated from Indian Idol 3 on 1 September 2007.


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