Allansia is one of three continents in the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan. The other two are Khul, the Dark Continent, which is in the south, and the Old World in the east. Allansia is the most dangerous of Titan's regions.


Allansia itself means the Teeming Plains in ancient Elvish.

The most well-known area of Allansia lies in the north-west, between the Icefinger Mountains in the north and the Desert of Skulls further south. The chief settlement in these parts is the vermin-pit of Port Blacksand, itself built on the ruins of a far earlier and greater city, which was destroyed in the War of the Wizards. Blacksand is situated at the mouth of the Catfish River, which sources in the Moonstone Hills.

Northwestern Allansia is wild, covered in moorland; hills and forests. Its climate varies from hot summers to freezing cold winters. The desolate Icefinger Mountains mark the northern boundary of this area, which is also the route of the wide River Kok. The Kok connects the settlements of Zengis and Fang. Fang is a prosperous town and home to the infamous Trial of Champions.

Beyond the Kok are the wide Pagan Plains, dotted with small settlements. In the northeastern corner lies Firetop Mountain, lair of the evil warlock Zagor. Further south is Stonebridge, a Dwarf town famed for its mines and leader Gillibran. A tribe of Hill Trolls often fight with the Dwarves of Stonebridge.

The Pagan Plains end with the course of the Red River (so named because of its soil content), as well as the wild Darkwood Forest. The Catfish also flows through this dangerous entanglement of trees. Legend has it that a city of Dark Elves is located underneath the forest.

The eastern end of the Pagan Plains open onto the windswept Windward Plains thence onto the Flatlands, a huge region of grassland and steppe. There are few travellers in this area. The ancient Forest of Yore is next to the Flatlands and is accompanied with the equally old city of Salamonis, situated on the banks of the Whitewater River. The city is a relic of the old times, before the War of the Wizards and is a but a shadow of its former self. Yet in modern terms it is reckoned a great settlement. The Salamon dynasty rules the city, having had at least 63 kings. Trolltooth Pass represents the boundary between 'civilized' Allansia and the regions of the Windward Plains and the Flatlands. A dangerous place, Trolltooth Pass is only 10 miles (16 km) wide at its narrowest and it also next to the Moonstone Hills and the Craggen Heights, two inhospitable highlands. Within the pass are ruins of watchtowers and fortification, all failed attempts to defend the area from invaders. In one spot lies the remains of a massive wall, which stretches for about 27 miles (43 km), with crumbling gatehouses every 6 miles (9 km). The whole area is reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of fallen soldiers.[1]


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