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(Skipper) Albert Awol is a fictional character in the queue audio loop of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom. Albert Awol is considered the "Voice of the Jungle." He broadcasts everything from news, to quizes, reminders, weather, etc. on the DBC(Disney Broadcast Company). He also serves as a period DJ for the station, filling the airwaves with music from the 1930's depression era.


He was added in 1991 to the Jungle Cruise during a refurbishment:

"Standing in the Jungle Cruise queue was a somber affair prior to the afore-mentioned 1991 rehab; once guests crossed the threshold they were faced with a series of twists and turns that led past bare walls, their fellow guests and occasional glimpses of the river. There was no background music at that time either, so if the queue was full it promised a fair amount of shuffling drudgery. Of course DL's Jungle Cruise queue is now closer to the full embodiment of how cool a ride's waiting space can be, but Florida's 1991 upgrade did include queue music interspersed with radio commentary by Albert AWOL, "the voice of the jungle." A considerable array of visual enhancements were also made at that same time, from a series of new destination-based wall murals to the artifact-laden "office" in the center of the queue. All good stuff, most of which is still there. Incidentally, the MK Imagineering Field Guide was wrong about several things regarding this and other rides. Among the errors was the statement that the big queue area rehab took place in 1994. The Jungle Cruise did have a 1994 rehab but it was not the one where the queue area effects popped up; all of the upgrades reference on page 41 of that guide were present as of November 16, 1991."[1]

Radio Broadcasts[]

The loop is comprised of two things, Awol's announcements, and music played between broadcasts.

Albert's Broadcasts[]

Songs Aired[]

The following are the songs "chosen" by Albert Awol to be aired on the DBC during his broadcast:

  • Here Come's my Ball and Chain-Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra (1928)
  • With Plenty of Money and You-Dick Powel (1936)
  • Jeepers, Creapers (instrumental)-Louis Armstrong (1938)
  • Yes, Yes! My Baby Said Yes, Yes-Sam Browne & The Carlyle Cousins (1932)
  • Song of India (instrumental)-Paul Whiteman (1926)
  • It's the Girl-The Boswell Sisters and Dorsey Brothers (1931)
  • (Listen to the) Rythm King-The Coon Sanders Nighthawks (1928)
  • Love is Good for Anything that Ails You-Ida SueMcCune(1981)
  • Harlem River Quiver (instrumental)-Duke Ellington and Orchestra (1927)
  • What a Girl, What a Night-The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks (1928)
  • Diga Diga Doo (instrumental)-Duke Ellington (1928)
  • I get a Kick out of You-Artist Unknown(1934)
  • You're the Top-Artist Unknown (1934)
  • Let's Misbehave-Irving Aaronson, Phil Saxe (1928)
  • Painting the Clouds with Sunshine-Jack Hylton and Orchestra (1929)
  • The Mooche-Duke Ellington (1928)
  • The King's Horses (And the Kings Men)-Jack Hylton and Orchestra (1931)

Awol's Office[]

Albert Awol's office is located within the queue line of the attraction. As you enter the queue, it is on the righ side, farthest from the water's edge. Though Albert himself is not inside the office, there are many of his personal items inside including: boots, hats, firearms, gear, and more. Also within the office is a period radio that broadcasts the audio with the queue speakers. If a cast member has an announcement to make, all speakers within the queue will mute the radio broadcast and broadcast the cast member, however the radio will not be muted and will continue to broadcast Albert Awol. Template:DWRTemplate:Magic KingdomTemplate:Disneyland ResortTemplate:Disneyland navboxTemplate:DCA


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