Ace Killer is a super beast created by the Yapool.


Height: 40 meters

Weight: 43,000 tons

Ultraman Ace[]

Rising from the ground of the Planet Golgota, Ace Killer was a creation of Yapool, for the sole purpose of killing Ultraman Ace. Before being fully "awakened," Ace Killer absorbed the powers and abilities of the Ultra Brothers, who were being held captive on the planet by Yapool. He absorbed Ultraman's Specium Ray, Ultraseven's Emelium Ray, Zoffy's M87 energy, and finally, he took Ultraman Jack's Ultra Bracelet and equipped it to his left arm. It was then that he "awakened," and Yapool wanted Ace Killer to demonstrate his powers in front of the Ultra brothers. From out of the ground, a robot Ultraman Ace emerged, and faced Ace Killer. The robot used a Metallium Ray, much like Ace's, but it had no effect on Ace Killer. Then, Ace Killer fought back using the powers of the Brothers he stole on the Ace Robot. The machine was felled quite easily by the attacks, and the Brothers watched in horror at what Yapool stated would be the real Ace's fate. Finally, Ace Killer used Zoffy's M87 energy to toss an energy ball that destroyed the robot in one blow. The Brothers were at a loss for words, for they feared it might be the end of the Ultra brothers. Ace eventually arrived, and was prepared to save his Brothers, or die with them. Ace grappled with Ace Killer for while before backing off and trying his Metallium Ray, but much like the fight with the Ace robot, it had no effect. Ace Killer returned fire with the Specium Ray and Emelium Ray, both of which brought Ace to his knees. Badly beaten, the Ultra Brothers transferred what little energy they had left to Ace's color timer. This, in turn, gave Ace a huge power up, as he was able to knock down the Ultra Bracelet when it was thrown at him. Then, Ace charged up the Space Q, and with one mighty heave of the energy ball, he let loose the immense power he received from his Brothers, completely destroying Ace Killer.

Ultraman Mebius[]

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius. He was fighting Mebius He Becamed Mebius Killer.

Mirai had gone on a walk in the park with a girl he'd met, but Yapool was spying on them, disguised as a human once more. He held a clutch of ballons with him; these looked innocent, but had devious powers. Yapool finally confronted Mirai, as he was dealing with an annoying, smug reporter, revealing his true identity as Yapool. But rather than fight him, he released a red ballon with gold stripes into the sky. The ballon opened up a dimensional hole, and from it, Ace Killer emerged! Yapool teleported to a safe distance to observe, as Ace Killer made his way toward Mirai, crushing anything in his path. The reporter made a hasty getaway, but Mirai stayed with the girl, telling her to run, and that he'd take care of Ace Killer. Mirai ran off to transform into Ultraman Mebius, but unknown to him, she followed him, and witnessed his transformation. Mebius confronted Ace Killer, who proved to be a much better fighter. Things only got worse as Yapool called Gadiba into action. The little gas monster leaped into Ace Killer's body, and gave him new abilities; he was now Mebius Killer!

Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers[]

This Monster re-appeared in the movie Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Brothers He was Fighting The Ultra Brothers He Becamed U-Killersaurus and U-Killersaurus Neo.

ja:エースキラー (ウルトラ怪獣)