Abby Morgan
First appearance 1.07: "Detention"
Last appearance 2.19: "Abby Morgan, Rest In Peace"
Created by Kevin Williamson
Portrayed by Monica Keena
Occupation High School Student

Abby Morgan is a fictional character from the television program, Dawson's Creek, played by Monica Keena.

Abby was an extremely spiteful girl who disliked mostly everyone. Abby's first appearance was in the first season, when she shared Saturday detention with Dawson Leery, Jen Lindley, Joey Potter, and Pacey Witter for a rumored orgy that turned out to be only tardiness. She appeared in another episode shortly thereafter in which she helped to unknowkingly spread a rumor that Joey was pregnant with another students' child.

She played a larger role in the show's second season, when she became good friends and drinking buddies with Jen Lindley. At first she seemed enamored with Jen because she came from the big city. She planned on moving to New York City after she graduated from Capeside High. She and Jen stole some champagne after a failed attempt to crash a local wedding reception, being hosted by Bessie and Joey Potter. Abby and Jen climb up onto a pier, but while being intoxicated, Abby falls off into the water and drowns to her death.

After Abby's death, Jen makes a less-than-moving eulogy at her funeral, in order to tell the congregation of Abby's true spirit. Her grandmother doesn't see it this way, and misguidely imagines that Jen speaks her mind in order to spite her personally. Abby seems to haunt her fellow classmates, including Jen and Andie McPhee, who scolded both Abby and Jen when they tried to crash the wedding on the night of Abby's death.