Abby Mills is a fictional character from the horror thriller/mystery, Harper's Island. Elaine Cassidy portrays as Abby.


Abby Mills has a very sad past. Her mother was killed by John Wakefield and her father, Sheriff Mills, sent her away. Now, Henry's wedding brings her back to the island. In Seep, Abby thinks that she might be John Wakefield child.

1st episode[]

On the first episode, Abby meets her best friend, Henry, on the boat and bonds with the groomsmen.

On Harper's Island, she meets her high school sweetheart, Jimmy.

Abby decides to walk to the Candlewick Inn on Harper's Island when Henry meets her.

She receives a phone call with the song "Ave Maria" playing.

She meets her friend, Nikki, inside the Cannery Bar.

When she goes inside her bedroom, she sees a newspaper clip on a mirror about her mom's murder.

2nd episode[]

On the second episode, Abby joins the Scavenger Hunt as a member of the blue team. Her teammates are Lucy, Richard and Cal.

Inside the Cannery Bar, she meets a local named Kelly. They talked with each other.

Abby goes to Kelly's house to say to her that she can live with her on L.A..

Abby also joins Chloe, Danny and Malcolm on finding Cal. Later, they found Cal hanging upside down.

3rd episode[]

Abby's father, Sheriff Mills, informs her about Kelly's death.

She goes inside J.D. bedroom to tell him about Kelly's death. J.D. tells her about Kelly's tatoos.

Later, she discovers that Shane kidnap J.D.. She then saves J.D.'s life.

4th episode[]

Abby is talking to Nikki inside the Cannery Bar. Jimmy let Abby drive his truck.

She goes inside Harper's Globe to get an old newspaper clipping about Henry catching a big fish for her scrapbook. She accidentally drops the scrapbook on a wet ground.

Later, Abby, Trish, Shea, Chloe, Beth and other women goes to Karena for fortune telling.

5th episode[]

Abby is sleeping inside Jimmy's living room when Sheriff Mills knocks and enters Jimmy's house.

Later, Sheriff Mills and Jimmy goes inside a cafe for breakfast.

Abby goes inside Sheriff Mills' house and attic. In the attic, she found old newspaper clips about John Wakefield and copycat murders.

She tells Jimmy about it.

On the wedding rehearsal, she turns off the lights when a head spade fells from the chandelier and hits Mr. Wellington's head. When the head spade falls it slices his head in half.

6th episode[]

Abby is shocked to see Mr. Wellington's dead body with the others shocked, mourning and crying.

Later, J.D. and Abby goes on the forest only to find Uncle Marty's sliced and dead body hanging in a tree. Abby is shocked and tells Henry about it.

Abby tells J.D. and Henry about the newspaper clips she found on Sheriff Mills' attic. Later, they tells Sheriff Mills about it.

Abby and Henry decided to dig John Wakefield's grave. They found a skeleton and they get caught but the sheriff and he figured that he would find J.D. there instead of Abby and Henry.