Dungeons & Dragons Deity
Title(s) Great Master of Greed, Trove Lord, the Avaricious, Wyrm of Avarice
Home Plane Gray Waste of Hades
Power Level Intermediate
Alignment Neutral Evil
Portfolio Greed
Domains Evil, Luck, Trickery (also Dwarf and Trade in Forgotten Realms)
Superior Moradin

In many campaign settings for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Abbathor is the dwarven deity of greed. His holy symbol is a jewelled dagger.


Abbathor manifests as a very large dwarf, fat and piggy-eyed. He wears leather and furs made from those non-dwarves who have opposed him in the past.


In many campaign settings, the Morndinsamman, the dwarven pantheon of gods, consists of the leader Moradin, as well as Abbathor, Berronar Truesilver, Clanggedin Silverbeard, Dugmaren Brightmantle, Dumathoin, Muamman Duathal, and Vergadain. Of all the dwarven deities, he gets along best with Vergadain, with whom he sometimes travels. Other dwarven gods may be present in different campaign settings.

Although he is the only evil power among the Morndinsamman, he is tolerated by the other dwarven gods because he has sided with them whenever a threat appeared from outside. Abbathor may be untrustworthy and the embodiment of all dwarven qualities the other gods would rather avoid, but in the end he's still a dwarf, and both they and Abbathor believe in sticking together. "Greed is good, but do not seize wealth from the children of the Morndinsamman," Abbathor teaches, "for strife in the name of avarice weakens the clan."


Abbathor's realm in the Gray Waste is known as the Glitterhell. It's a place of great natural beauty, if you like gold and gems. The true location of the Glitterhell is unknown, and Abbathor maintains several false locations of his realm to throw off the greedy men and dwarves who are always attempting to steal his gold.



Abbathor's priests dress in red leather, and leather caps.

Holy days and rituals[]

Abbathor's holy days are on the solar eclipse, and he demands the sacrifice of both blood and gems annually.

Myths and legends[]

Originally, Abbathor was god of the beauty of gems and minerals, but he fell into a rivalry with his brother Dumathoin over who would be the patron of the mountain dwarves. When Moradin named Dumathoin, Abbathor became twisted with disappointment, vowing that from that point on, whenever he desired something he would take it.


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