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AC Seal

Seal of the ARCAM Corporation, seen in their Japanese branch HQ building.

The ARCAM Corporation (アーカム・財団 Aakamu Saitan?) or AC, by its initials in the Spriggan manga series, is a fictional international company with its main headquarters based in New York in the United States with numerous facilities worldwide, whose mission is to ensure that certain powerful ancient artifacts are protected and sealed off, so that no nation or group in the world can take advantage of them. It maintains its own para-military force called the ARCAM Private Army and has secret agents known as Spriggans (or Strikers).

It is officially known as the ARCAM Foundation.[1] It was also called the Rockefeller II in the Berseker Arc story.[1]


Tea Flatte, who was formerly known as Tea Flatte Arcam, founded the ARCAM Corporation as part of her mission placed on her by Merlin.

In order to hide her true identity to the rest of her ARCAM comrades and friends, she uses the name Tea Flatte as an alias. [2]


ARCAM has created the following objects for use by their operatives:

  • Armored Muscle Suit

- Created by Professor Mayzel after he recently discovered the Omihalcon metal.

  • Yu's Omihalcon combat knife

- Professor Mayzel made it on Yu's request, which included an Omihalcon blade and a knuckle guard

  • J-15 pistol rounds

- Its ceramic bullet heads can penetrate hard surfaces, like wood, concrete and metal.

Known ARCAM facilities[]

North America[]

United States[]

  • Main Headquarters - High-risk out-of place artifacts are stored in their underground safes in New York.[3][4]
  • Research Facility - R&D facility for ARCAM. Was invaded by Program YAMA, turning its personnel against Yu and an ARCAM Special Private Army (ASPA) raiding party.




  • ARCAM New Delhi Hospital - A survivor of an ASPA unit was treated after they were attacked by a COSMOS squad.[5]
  • ARCAM India Research Facility - A Berserker robot was brought into the building before it was activated and attacked many of the establishment's personnel.[6] The complex has been destroyed after its self-destruct mechanism was used,[6] its status unknown if the research facility has been relocated.


  • ARCAM Japan Branch - Yu Ominae and Oboro are stationed here. The branch includes living quarters for Spriggans and ARCAM's guests and working offices. The facility had been attacked twice before. Both were perpetrated by US Armored Corp. and COSMOS forces.
  • ARCAM Tokyo Hospital - Yu was treated here after receiving critical wounds from a COSMOS raid on ARCAM's Japanese branch.


  • ARCAM Islamabad Hospital - Yu was briefed here with several ARCAM Special Private Army operatives after recent attacks on their personnel were reported in Pakistan.[7]


  • ARCAM Mt. Ararat Research Facility - Created by ARCAM in order to excavate and study Noah's Ark.[8] The facility was half-destroyed during the raids by Machiner's Platoon troopers.

Known ARCAM Personnel[]


ASPA agents[]

  • Hudler
  • Jimmy Max
  • Jack
  • John
  • Pauel
  • Paredes
  • Ray



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