615 Music is a broadcast production music company based in Nashville, Tennessee. 615 Music composes television news music packages and custom image campaigns for many television networks around the world. 615 Music also operates out of Los Angeles. The name 615 Music comes from Nashville's Area Code (615), which is where the company is based.

615 Music
Type Private
Founded 1984
Headquarters Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Industry Broadcast Music Production
Website www.615music.com

The company composed the last three image campaigns for NBC's ''Today morning news/entertainment program: "Live for Today" (2005-2006), "It's a New Day" (2006-2007), and "Why I Love Today" (2008). The "Live for Today" theme was nominated for an Emmy. 615 Music also has a production music library.

The company, along with other composers of news music such as Gari Communications, have seen a surge in business since the third quarter of 2006. This is due to the fact that licensing companies had raised the prices of licensing. In 2007, 615 Music signed a deal with Belo Corporation making them the exclusive provider of news music for the station group.[1]

The company's music has also been licensed for use in movie trailers. Their track "Goth" was used in the domestic trailer for Live Free Or Die Hard.

615 Music also produced the new official theme song for the Atlanta Braves, "The Braves Play Here" by James Otto.[2]

News music packages currently in syndication

News music packages no longer in syndication

  • Decade 90
  • Heart Of...
  • Let's Get Involved
  • On Your Side
  • Pinnacle
  • Something's Happening Here
  • Together
  • USA News

Production music tracks (small listing)

  • This Just In (Move Closer to Your World)
  • Packages based on Frank Gari's The One for All: Healthwatch, Serving the Public, Late Report
  • Bulletin
  • Tonight's Top Stories
  • Dramatic Finish
  • Reporting Live
  • Prosperity (originally known as Newsmark and offered as a regular package)
  • Around the Globe
  • Deadlines

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