50 Cutest Child Stars: All Grown Up is an American television special that first aired on E! in 2005.[1][2]


The special was hosted by Candace Cameron Bure[3] and Keshia Knight Pulliam,[4] both of whom appear on the countdown. It has been rebroadcast periodically,[5][6][7][8] including by Star! in Canada.[4]


In 2006, the Toronto Star published their own list in response to the special, referring to it as "Seven Cutest Child Stars: Not Grown Up Yet, But When They are This is What Will Happen".[4] Dakota Fanning is named on both the E! special and the response article.[4] Sloan Freer wrote in The Observer that the list was "veg-out, no-brainer viewing" which contained "plenty of debatable selections to shout at the TV about - especially when you get to the top spot, which frankly I think is a cheat."[9] The Sunday Mail criticized the list for including "American stars only".[10]

The top 10[]

Number Star(s)
1 Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson[10]
2 Macaulay Culkin[8]
3 Drew Barrymore[10]
4 Henry Thomas
5 Alyssa Milano
6 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen[10]
7 Haley Joel Osment[10]
8 Gary Coleman
9 Dakota Fanning
10 Jonathan Lipnicki


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