Newswire is television news music package created by 615 Music. The package was originally commissioned for WMAQ-TV, the NBC Owned-and-operated station in Chicago in 1992. WLVI-TV (the former WB and current CW affiliate)in Boston picked up the package in 1994, and commissioned new instrument mixes in 1997.[citation needed] WAVY-TV, the NBC affiliate in Norfolk, Virginia also picked up Newswire in 1995 and commissioned new themes in 2001. Newswire contains 146 cuts of news opens, bumpers, closes, primary themes, ID's and utility tracks all with a 4-note signature of orchesteral and hard news elements. There is also an NBC signature version of Newswire in the package as well.

Stations that used or have used Newswire

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Notes
3. Chicago, Illinois WMAQ-TV NBC 1992-1997 First station to commission the package Newswire was also used as a close for a morning news program called "Barely Today", which lasted from January to June 2007
7. Boston, Massachusetts WLVI-TV The CW, formerly The WB 1994-2006 Commissioned updated versions of Newswire in 1997
13. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida WTOG The CW, formerly UPN 1993-1995
27. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina WLFL The CW, formerly Fox, The WB 1993-2001
31. Kansas City, Missouri KMBC ABC 1995-1997
39. Grand Rapids, Michigan WZZM-TV ABC 2008
43. Norfolk, Virginia WAVY-TV NBC 1995-present Commissioned new themes in 2001
WPXV ION Television 2001-2006 Aired rebroadcasts of WAVY's 10pm newscast
57. Albany, New York WCWN, formerly WEWB The CW, formerly The WB Date unknown-2006 Airs weather updates produced by former sister station WLVI
69. Wichita, Kansas KSNW NBC Date unknown-1998
116. Peoria/Bloomington, Illinois WEEK-TV NBC 1996-present
WAOE-TV MyNetworkTV, formerly UPN Date unknown-2006/2006-present Used to air WEEK-TV's newscasts, airs a 9pm newscast produced by WEEK-TV
132. Rockford, Illinois WREX-TV NBC Dates unknown

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