Pages on the Annex display best on the MonoBook skin (the theme you are currently seeing), as opposed to the New Look skin (the theme you see on other pages of the Annex).

“So why doesn’t the Annex use the MonoBook skin as the default skin for all pages rather than the New Look skin?” you may ask. The reason is that the company that hosts the Annex does not give Annex administration any choice in the default “skin” (also known as “style” or “theme”) presented to new or anonymous users.

MonoBook is still available, even if we can’t make it the default. If you'd like the Annex to have a more professional look, just follow these simple instructions:

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Step 1

Log in to the Annex. This will require you to create an account. Creating an account is very simple. Although it requires an e-mail address, you can simply enter a fake e-mail address, as no e-mail verification is required. Logging in can be done from the “log in” button in the top-right corner of any page; or, simply click here.

Step 2

Go to the user preferences menu. Under MonoBook, this is a direct link on the top-right. Under the “New Wikia Look,” it’s not as obvious.

  • Locate your user name at the top-right corner.
  • Hover over your user name without clicking on the link.
  • Click the “Preferences” option that appears beneath your user name.

Step 3

Use the user preferences page to set your skin choice.

  • “User profile” will be the first tab you see.
  • Scroll down to “Site Layouts.”

Under the “Site Layouts” section, locate and select the “MonoBook” selector button.

  • Scroll down near the bottom of the page and click the “Save” button located beneath the e-mail settings.